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Weekly Wisdom:

“The Dutch look like a huge jar of marmalade.” —Barrie Davies, British Sports Commentator, discussing Dutch National Soccer

This morning I woke up in that “daze of clarity” where thoughts stream along with absolute lucidity while deep down you realize that you’re still half asleep and dreaming. With me that occurred because it was 3:20 in the morning. Shortly after 4:00 Tevita pulled up in front of our house so that I could join Mr. T on his trek to the airport (and drive the car back). “huh?” More on that next week—you’ll then understand why I am holding back; stay tuned.

I also woke up almost tasting a slice of warm toast slathered with a nice dark orange marmalade. I have no idea why I thought of marmalade since I cannot remember when it was last that I had some. I do remember that over time the stuff sold in stores became sweeter, lighter, and had fewer bits of orange floating in it—do they still sell this worsened product?. Years ago I made some for gifts and maybe that is what prompted me. For now I’ll stick with real coffee and pretend marmalade.

Going in circles – Last summer at the cabin, while taking the pontoon for a test run around the island I got caught in a hellacious rain storm [archived: Winds of Change, posted September 4, 2010]. From mid-lake I could see the opening to our cove disappear as a wall of rain water approached. It finally hit and for several minutes I motored blindly on my set course. When finally the fog of rain lifted I found that I was pointing nearly 45 degrees to port, away from where I thought I was heading.

A week or so after my incident I was talking with Denny-from-the-island and he related a similar occurrence he had experienced the year prior. This time it was not a storm, just fog and he eventually realized he was heading directly opposite to the course he thought he was on (south-east versus north-east).

This week I discovered what caused me to Pontoon completely off course in that blinding rainstorm—but, still doesn’t answer why. I have always really enjoyed Robert Krulwich and he narrates this little animation describing what occurs when trying to navigate blindly. As New York Magazine once wrote; he’s “the man who simplifies without being simple.”

Panic – Last evening Marcia and I had a great time and visit from an old friend (yup, he actually is older than me). Pete and I go back to high school days in Toronto. But, let me back up a bit.

Marcia was just about ready to plop some fish into the dinner skillet when the phone rang. The way she answered I knew it wasn’t just one of the kids or a neighbor calling. From the tone I assumed it was a bill collector or the like. Finally I heard her say; “he’s right here and I’ll put him on.” She then mouthed to me; “we’ll meet at a restaurant or something, but DO NOT INVITE THEM OVER!”

Marcia was/has been in the midst of the continuing Christmas decorations removal saga. Furthermore, she was going big time organizing and washing baby clothes for the new addition to Adrianne’s little household. Our home was in a bit of disarray.

Here are the words Marcia heard coming from my mouth mere seconds after I started my conversation with Pete; “Wow Pete this is great. Where are you? Really? Why that is only one mile from our home, let me give you directions.”

I believe there was a book with the title; Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars which details some of the real differences between men and women and how each operates and views the world. In any case men do not hop around uttering; “this is reason for divorce.”

It’s amazing how much pick-up and cleaning can be accomplished in the time it takes someone to drive just a single mile in city traffic.

Pete and his wife Tina had been playing the role of “Canadian Snowbirds” and were heading back to Toronto from Florida. As they barreled through the ‘Nati it crossed his mind that I was here and thus he called – the rest you know. We all had a marvelous visit, did a little catching up, and went out for some great eats. What a delight! And Marcia’s fish? They are back in the refrigerator, waiting for another day.

At some point during the evening Marcia uttered; “You darned Dutchmen are all alike, everything at the last minute” (actually she did not use the word ‘darned’, but its close enough for you to get the gist). I believe that, that was Marcia’s attempt to point out that she appreciates the fact that Pete and I, both of Dutch heritage, have a ‘spontaneous’ streak in us.

Closing –This week it was Happy Birthday to niece Heather. Then it was a HUGE moment for 4-year old Kellen when he took possession of his very first Library card. His first act? Why he borrowed books of course—four to be exact. Congratulations Kellen. Now make it a great week everyone!



PS. For those who missed it, there is a new photo-album on-line—Grandkids at the cabin. Located on the “Pages” section

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