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Weekly Wisdom:

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” — Margaret Atwood

One day doth not Spring make. But, we did have that one day where we were promised a temperature of 70 degrees. The WWs (weather weenies) hit it wrong, as per usual; however it did make it to 65. And yes, Marcia and I did smell like dirt. I, the non gardener, spent time cutting down the “elephant” grasses. Marcia set out and practiced using her new pair of lopper shears. She insisted we buy since “these are the best.” Walking back to the car after our purchase I read the really fine print on the Fiskars Lopper’s label; “made in China.” Thank you Fiskars, now I am forced to inspect for lead paint in case the squirrels take an unsuspecting chew. At this moment I definitely need my coffee.

Research found that these loppers have been; “Awarded the Ease-of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation®. Are we forward thing folk or what? While I am at it, exactly what does “Lifetime warranty” for this kind of a tool mean?

Yard work thoughts – While I am at it part deux—cutting dried out, sharp as a razor, elephant grass is a royal pain. It did cross my mind that with all the ongoing CO2 and earth overheating hoopla why this reed was not seen as a viable biomass source. Laying on my side, underneath 8 foot tall clumps of grass, I wondered if this stuff would do better than pulling Soy and Corn away from the food chain to provide fuel for my neighbor’s lawn mower. So I looked it up a bit further and sure enough, I found an article with the very catchy title of; “.” It reminds me of the old college axiom; if you can’t deliver the facts then snow them with bullc**p. I suspect that once people tire of their 18-or-so-miles-per-charge electric cars we’ll have a run on my elephant grass. Our neighbors will absolutely love it if Marcia and I pack our front, side, and back yards with a planting of this valuable crop.  Oh wait, we’re almost there, with the plantings that is.

Neighborhood – Last weekend it was our neighborhood’s annual Progressive Dinner. Sixty plus of us trooped from one end to the other as we spent part of the meal in four different homes. After a winter long hibernation it was great to get out, to catch up with everyone. and on a warmish evening just to walk around. Living in a diverse neighborhood we did have some out of town guests. The furthest traveled was the sister of one neighbor here from Syria. I believe everyone meeting her had to ask how she fared with our recent snows and cold.

It’s a good thing that the policing authorities tend not to be around much. I just wonder whether or not it would have been an issue seeing five or six wheeled coolers filled with wine and beer being dragged from home to home.

Marcia’s appetizers (for the first stop) were a hit. I don’t think people dove in for the taste, they just got excited by the color of the platter.

Animal Kingdom – Last night it was the mid-winter full moon. By tradition we have names for these events; this is the “Wolf Moon” or the “Snow Moon” to the Algonquian tribes. Marcia had just gotten up and called up for me to take a look out my office window. Here was the view minutes ago. Happy “Navam Poya”, whoops that’s the Buddhist name—sorry.

Closing – Tuesday I am off to celebrate Derek’s birthday. Brother George and sis-in-law Sandy will drive north from Naples and also party-hearty with us. Fun times ahead!

Make it a great week



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