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Weekly Wisdom:

(In Orlando) “A careful driver is one who honks his horn when he goes through a red light.” — Henry Morgan

That quote jars one of those little memories I brought back from my wonderful visit in Florida. This one in particular has real meaning, since I survived driving there for a week. The place is also filled with Red Light cameras, and I was forced to watch a constant stream of cars continuing their left turn after my light had been green for over 45 seconds. I need another coffee just thinking about it.

Florida Visit – Between a pair of very busy parents and two little guys running a bit of a fever we hung around most of the time. “Boring”, you say. “Wrong”, I say. I had a great time. It gave me extra time with the guys. Taking Derek to the library to do his homework became a special time. Driving with Kellen after dropping his mother off at school allowed for some otherwise not happening chit-chat. Babysitting the evening while mom and dad were able to enjoy the play Wicket allowed for games, talk, and watching Bear Grylls make a North Sea survival vest from a dead seal (now, how cool is that). By the way, both parents were amazed that everything was eaten, work done, and both in bed—on time!

While Kirstin spent her Saturday at school Vince and I took the kids to an amusement rides park (this is Orlando after all) . Their delight was obvious. Derek’s skill (driving go-karts) was amazing. Kellen had no fear and would climb onto any ride his height-chart found him legal. A few he managed to get on had him stand on his tippy-toes to get past the gatekeeper. My bashed knee from getting bounced around in a bumper car was excruciating. Enjoy the few pictures – click twice to enlarge:

The Party – With a theme of Dragons Derek’s party had to be a hit. And it was, lots of play, to the point that the adults barely needed to be involved. This allowed for a good amount of time for me to spend with brother George (Opa-2), and my niece and her hubby.

While the kids played and made their proper Viking gear George and I got into the swing of it and donned our own gear. Enjoy the photos – click twice to enlarge:

Canada – My Canadian weather site tells me that tomorrow morning it’ll be between 0 and 5 degrees at the cabin. But, with much rain, the ‘Nati celebrating Bock Beer fest this weekend, and Fat Tuesday on Tuesday, Spring must be around the corner; and so its not too early to think of Canada. In fact, I am not the only one with such thoughts. If they stayed on schedule then yesterday, Donn, Marlene, and Paul caved in to their desires and headed up north.

The stated purpose being that it’s a “working” trip. Yea right, my frozen butt it is. I once read that Canada is the vichyssoise of nations – it’s cold, half French and difficult to stir—in the winter everything is it’s all that and more. No one heads for a summer cabin in the dead of winter to “work.” The only rational reason could be to sit around some lonely fire with some of the local residents and crow about how warm it is ‘down south’ in Michigan.

A little insight into how the Canadian mind works is the story my neighbor (both Canadian) tells me. Every so often they head north to celebrate New Year’s Eve at their cabin. Upon arrival – car parked up at the highway and then a walk to the cabin on snow shoes – they immediately stoke up their wood-burner—into high gear! Then, in the deadly winter’s quiet, they delight sitting for hours, huddled, and watching the dry-wall change color as the frost begins to leave the cabin—all over a 24 hour period.

Be safe you guys.

Closing – Celebrating Fat Tuesday? Do it right and don’t just fix some Pot Pies or a double portion of Hamburger Helper.

Make it a great week



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