Good morning all:

Weekly Wisdom

”Two toasted back bacon sandwiches, hold the toast!.” — heard in a local diner

Made a horrible discovery last night. The hickory smoked bacon flavored salt I bought (years ago) is now just a small hard block rattling in its shaker. This morning all I can think about is bacon; so, I’ll start with my morning coffee and then assess.

Blooms ‘n Tunes – is back at the Zoo. Light sweater weather made it so that heading out was perfect. The park-like setting is more than perfect, the music was wonderful, and we even ran into neighbors and friends. After the many months of snow, rain, or sleet everyone was so ready to step out into springtime.

Earlier in the week one of the Zoo’s Giraffes gave birth to a little one. ‘Little’ meaning she stands 6-feet tall and was walking mere minutes after being born. Before the music got underway I took Vai to see the little addition. Mom and Auntie Giraffe were in their indoor enclosure. The viewing window had it so that, behind a bit of a wall, the young thing could hide, which she did. Vai understood perfectly when I explained that the baby Giraffe was shy. After all, in all her visits to our house Vinnie-the-cat is but a figment. All Vinnie has to hear is the front door opening and Vai’s little high-pitched voice, and he disappears for days at end. “Vinnie is shy” I say, and Vai nods knowingly.

ReUse-apalooza – Last evening was special. The ‘Nati is home to a very unusual social agency—Building Value. This group recycles just about everything from homes and buildings scheduled for demolition or renovation. Then they either resell the retrieved components or use their trainees to transform the gathered materials into other useable products and in the process train them into gaining marketable skills such as carpentry. Last evening was their big-time fundraiser, their “ReUse-apalooza”.

Here, in the Building Value warehouse Marcia and I enjoyed an evening of music by my favorite local Bluegrass band; Jake Speed and the Freddies (Jake, a teacher in his secondary life writes many most of the songs). This while a silent auction was held along with caterers urging another shrimp on a skewer or some little piece crowned with a bit of sundried tomato. Local beers poured freely and the wine bar was in full swing.

And they say that former Dutch white folk have no rhythm. You should have seen Marcia and I join the Drums for Peace group pound out the catching rhythms and songs from somewhere in West Africa. Actually, we got some great ideas for activities with the grandkids this summer at the cabin around the campfire; I just hope that our neighbors across the cove will be ready.

The bench – Yesterday mid afternoon Marcia and I went to pick up our event tickets and to look at a very special item Jason clued us on. Building Value had a wrought iron and wood park bench for sale. Let me explain, at the cabin, the Happy Hour beverage of choice has become Southern Comfort. Here was a park bench, one of only fifty made by Southern Comfort as gifts for their top fifty sales people. And it was gorgeous. It was also going to be placed into the silent auction. Being fully convinced that with a few hundred bidders someone would go ‘nuts’ and bid that bench completely out of the ballpark I talked some sense into Marcia. I carefully explained to her that this would be both our birthday gifts combined, along with this year’s Christmas gift, and our Anniversary gift, and that we should just buy it. We did. I believe I scored some serious points.

Animal Planet – Earlier this week I took my neighborhood walk a little after dusk. Returning, two houses away from home, I spotted three deer in our yard. What had caught their interest was Marcia’s tulips—the very ones she complains about as “not blooming.” It wasn’t until I finally had clapped my hands several times and was by then only a half a house away that they agreed and moved to the neighbor’s back yard.

Getting up at dawn I noted two deer in our back yard. What gives? We’re in the middle of a city!

Thank you Jacquie for sending the live link, Marcia now has a new addiction. Any time I walk by the coffee table she’s there and from the tiny Dell laptop speakers comes the amazingly loud “white” noise of wind rushing past the microphone and camera trained on some Eagle’s nest in Iowa. Along with over a million or so other folk, she – much like the parent Eagle – sits by the hour watching an Eagle pip hack its way out of the egg. She calls it “great fun.” I think it much akin to waiting for jury duty.

Closing – Week 37 and what a milestone! Vaioleti came at week 26 and now Adrianne is officially at “term” with Vai’s soon-to-arrive little brother. Now, it’s get ready time. Tevita needs an assist this morning and he’ll be here close to eight. Next week’s the Ramblings will come from southern California—more about that next week. Let me just say; “thanks Pieter” – don’t forget to peek at his “weekly nonet” page.

Make it a great week.


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