Good morning all:

Weekly Wisdom

“It’s not listed in the Bible, but my spiritual gift, my specific calling from God, is to be a television talkshow host.” — James Baker, televangelist

An unspoken hope of being discovered while in LA was on my list of reflections. Last night it was with some slight disappointment when we returned  from a major tour of Los Angeles without being asked to appear—in anything. So, put on the coffee.

Greetings from California.

In the scrub desert – Earlier in the week I spent time with brother Art and sis-in-law Jolene. It was the first time I had seen his business. We have talked a bunch, but it was great to see them and see his shop and warehouse for the first time. After getting punched hard in the solar plexus by the recession Art and Jolene pulled out all the stops and took a (very) mighty leap of faith. It now appears to be paying off and, combined with 13 to 14 hour workdays, the business is growing. The day I was there five large semis loaded and unloaded I was more than impressed—and proud.

Here are a few photos from my time with them:

Many medals won by Art & Jolene’s kids. Unloading another load of cylinders, A batch of cylinders ready for re-certification testing, and Art, Jolene, and Louie for a walk at the start of a busy day.

Redondo Beach – From Riverside I ended up in the beach area with Pieter and Jeanne. Upon arrival, our afternoon began with some “zoute haring met uitjes”, much laughter, and it was like we had been with one another without interruption.

There was a quite sobering moment. Sitting around we became aware of a series of vehicles sirens and spotted emergency vehicles heading down the ramp and onto the beach. Deciding to take a look we saw a young surfer being given CPR and transferred to an ambulance. This morning one of the lifeguards informed us that he did not make it. Life is fragile; peace with him his family, his friends, and those rescuers who gave it everything to keep him alive and now live with the knowledge that it just could not be enough.

Rescue workers trying their best and a rescue and search helicopter

Just in the area for a complete day and already it’s been more than packed – a photo collage of things done and seen will tell the story best.

Heavenly bodies:

Great architecture;

Fine moments:

Animal Planet – More photos: flowers with intensity and then, not to forget, “Rocko” the beach parrot who visits daily.

Closing – Week 38 and even the Doctor could not be more pleased! Adrianne you’re doing great. Again; “thanks” Pieter for the Southwest coupon!

Make it a great week.


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