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Weekly Wisdoms

“One thing they never tell you about child raising is that for the rest of your life, at the drop of a hat, you are expected to know your child’s name and how old he or she is.” — Erma Bombeck

“Why is baby eating mommy’s ‘hoo-hoo’s’?” — Vaioleti, speaking in an English Tongan mix, observing baby Viliami nurse

Having gotten through the child rearing phase (do we ever?) I believe I can now sit back, enjoy my morning coffee, and snicker a bit watching the kids attempt the parenting thing.

Welcome Viliami Ongolea, April 18, 2011

Only about twelve hours after his birth Viliami and mom Adrianne had visitors. Not just any visitors, but all of the Cincinnati family bearing gifts of cake and ice cream. It was 2 ½ year old Vaioleti who realized that this was the perfect formula for a party. She suggested everybody sing Happy Birthday to her new baby brother. It was the only proper thing to do, don’t you agree?

Redondo Beach—redux – I believe that last week’s Ramblings inundated everyone about as much as anyone should on the fabulous time I had in California. Now, bear with me while I wrap up. Sunday afternoon Pieter and I each took a flyer bike and pedaled the length of Redondo, Hermosa, and Manhattan Beach cruising the Strand. All well so far, until, with a snap, the post of my saddle disappeared into the lovely pink frame of my bike. In about a second I transformed from riding a flyer into riding a ‘low-rider’ flyer. The fix, twice over, proved temporary and futile and I was now able to both pedal and drag my knees on the ground simultaneously. But it gets better.

Pieter had told me the story of Jeanne’s dad, Bampo, who was a notoriously slow driver. As he got older his driving slowed even more. One day, driving on the Pacific Highway in Redondo Beach he was passed by a couple of kids on skateboards. Passing Bampo’s car one of the teenagers shouted something to the effect of; “get off the road you old f**k.” For weeks Bampo mumbled and grumbled about the youth of the day and their horrid attitude.

Riding the Strand Pieter and I on my newly created pink low-rider were two grey-beards puttsing along. Somewhere along the route we were passed by some kids on skateboards. After they passed I shouted to Pieter out in front; “did you hear what these little idiots yelled?”

The Bus – Since I was flying Southwest it meant that I had to leave from a place other than the ‘Nati. Flight schedules demanded that I left and arrived in a different city. OK, the easiest way was for me, after landing in Louisville, to grab a Greyhound bus and ride it for the hour and a half home and have Marcia pick me up. I arrived five minutes early and called Marcia that I was back – her voice mail picked up. I walked outside in front of the station’s little parking area and waited.

Ten minutes later another call and again voice mail. Ten more minutes the same, another ten minutes and I left a slightly more cryptic message. About a minute later my phone rang and Marcia was heard to say; “where are you?” Marcia had pulled in back – where the buses pull in – and had walked the station interior. Asking why she didn’t answer her phone she had a simple answer; “have you seen the type of people in that place?” To prevent her phone from being stolen she had locked it in her truck—it was so completely logical, in a very weird sort of way.

Animal Planet – Last Saturday evening we ate at Captain Kidd’s Restaurant and Fish Market on the pier at Redondo Beach. After dinner and a great couple of sets listening to a rock and blues guitarist, Andy Walo, we walked in the fresh air. On a rail sat a bird eating a fish. I was unable to identify it, so now Marin and his Treehouse detectives have the photo I took of the bird and I should have an answer shortly.

Closing – Happy Birthday to Jason (today), nephew Connor (tomorrow), and for the first time to Viliami. May you have a healthy, joyful, loving, and productive year. To everyone, make it a great week. And, don’t forget that Pieter’s Nonets page is still being updated!


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