Good morning all:

Weekly Wisdom from deep within the north woods:

“A fishing camp ceases to be a fishing camp the moment a man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a stunning little log cabin.”—From our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

With much anticipation Marcia and I awaited the arrival of Adrianne, Tevita, Vaioleti, and two-month old Viliami. Yesterday, mid afternoon, they rolled in. Ten minutes later we heard the first of an array of rumbling ‘baruuuups’ from the lower end of the little guy. Within just a couple of hours he managed to load up a diaper four times over, pooped once on mom Adrianne, and somehow got my shirt wet. What a welcome by our youngest family member. With all the wisdom of a two – going on three – year old Vaioleti quickly said; “its amazing Opa.”

A recent British survey asked 1000 travelers how many pair of underwear they would bring on a seven night trip. Women respondents, on average, would bring eleven pair. Meanwhile, the men folk felt three-pair was quite sufficient. It’s a good thing Viliami wasn’t asked the question; he would have skewed the survey’s results.

Prep week – Earlier this week Marcia and I rolled up to the lake. Prep work for arriving guests is always a bit of work. Much of it seemingly contrived and sought out, but as a husband one just complies. The one, really necessary task, was giving the property a good weed whacking; as much for mosquito control as pure looks.

Then the countdown to their arrival began.

During the lifetime of our kids we’ve all undergone a conversion from a nation of ‘citizens’ to one of ‘subjects.’ Something to which, every so often, appears a bit of a rebellion; currently by the likes of the Tea Party. However, a real reversal to the trend appears remote. It is the surrounding, understanding, assistance, care, love and warmth of family and friends which has become even more important. This Independence Day celebrate family as much as nation.

Animal Planet – Marcia was working on her little garden when she first noticed a Red Fox coming down the drive. About ten feet away she addressed it and said something to the effect of, “having a good day Mrs. Fox?” The fox sat on its haunches and just looked. Watching her for a minute or so it got up, walked past her, and then strolled off and into the woods next to the cabin.

People have said that the Loon pair in our cove had a youngster on their back while paddling about while we were away. I’ve been watching, but now there are three all diving and paddling about in earnest.

Vaioleti arrived with parents and brother in to about four-ish. By the time she went to bed she’d seen her dad catch and release an 18” Northern Pike (she also fished but didn’t catch a thing). Had a close-up look at our neighborhood Raccoon which decided to stroll about the deck. We raised the blinds so she could get a really good look.

She also now refuses to use the toilet in the cabin. Thanks to Auntie Marlene, Opa has affixed a fake housefly to the interior bottom of the bowl. It looks very, very real. What proper little girl can sit on a potty with a “bug” in it?

The one time she actually used the contraption (right after she arrived) she came out and looked at Marcia and said; “there was a bug and when daddy flushed it went away, and then a new one came back.” The cabin is a mysterious, fun, and scary place, all wrapped into one.

Closing – Travel safely Kirstin, Vince, Kellen, and Derek. We can’t wait for your arrival and we’ll make sure you have a really excellent birthday adventure (party).

Make it a great week everyone

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