Post # 500


Too many years ago I started out by writing a weekly e-mail to Marcia’s dad. He’d become more and more home bound and so Paul bought him a computer. He never learned to do much with it, and with a little Parkinson’s disease to boot jumping around the WWW was almost impossible. But he did learn to open e-mail.

I was traveling a fair bit those days and thought a bit of mail would keep us connected a little more and open up the windows to grandpa’s small Ann St. cottage just a wee bit wider.

Those mails contained a lot of the mundane, sometimes a view of an exotic place, something touching, and something funny—and so it went.

One day Paul stopped by grandpa’s to ‘unlock’ his computer for the umpteenth time (it was a very early version of Windows, wait, that hasn’t changed has it?) and came across one of my mails. At his suggestion family members became names on the CC line.

About a year later son in law Vince excitedly told me about a brand new, free service – Blogger. One’s own web page. The free sold me and I was aboard. So this family and friends weekly ‘update’ become a fixture – at least for a small handful of folk. Blogger was dumped a few years back, but my weekly Ramblings have continued. Whew, now it’s number five hundred.


Make it a great week.


PS. I unlocked the “comments” section should anyone care to comment on # 500 (what else huh?)

3 Responses to “500”
  1. Pieter pastoor Says:

    Dirk – congrats on 500.
    The dirk ramblings is a sat. morning ritual as a must read. it’s quirkeness is endearing. So well done and keep it up.

  2. Kirstin Briones Says:

    Congratulations Dad! We look forward to your updates every week and we start to panic if you haven’t posted for some reason. Keep up the writing so we can keep reading!

  3. Neanners Says:

    This is a great accomplishment! We look forward to Saturday mornings to find out what is going on with D&M and their gang. Congratulations on sharing your family and making us all feel a bit more connected.

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