Good morning all:

Weekly wisdom now that I’m back in the city with all of its urban foibles:

it’s a brand new season for our lowly NFL team, the Bengals, and already there’s an early first reception—6 pounds of weed. Hey guys, never sign for unexpected packages coming from California’s “Emerald Triangle”; it’ll make you’re your case of “I didn’t know” much simpler.

I am surprised at jut how quickly I have become comfortable with the quicker pace of life in the city—although I still take my time to savor a morning coffee, as I am doing right now.

The cabin winter shutdown went smoothly. Actually we started too early and found ourselves wanting to do something and couldn’t because we’d already packed/closed/shut-off whatever it was we needed. Once the shutters went up and the water-line pulled there was no turning back and within a half hour we were on the road.

Since going north we’ve gotten new neighbors. I haven’t seen them yet, but that is due to the immense piece of plywood Tevita put up to secure the house after our burglary last month.

I am told that one of the two is the new dean of the university’s school of music. Since I can’t see them – due to the plywood – I can only envision them. My mind keeps straying to people in casual gym outfits wandering about a big house carrying violin cases. I know it’s not right, but it’s an image I can’t shake.

The Burglary – Coming home it didn’t take long for Marcia to spring into action. Bottle after bottle of cleaners came out on nowhere. The more she cleaned the more she found. More blood spatters from the “perp” having cut themselves on the broken window glass. More oily carbon powder on door jams and other surfaces – including the carpet – as attempts were made to collect fingerprints. We could see where the police did get some excellent samples.

Meanwhile I tried to look like I knew what I was doing by walking about carrying a tape measure. I did replace the little glass window. Currently the one French door is in the garage encased in clamps. Using some chisels a saw and a mallet the busted wood was removed and a new piece has been inserted. Later today or tomorrow it should be ready to be put back. Then we will be able to remove all that plywood.

The place could have been destroyed – it wasn’t. More, much more, could have been taken – that didn’t happen. The one additional piece taken, Marcia discovered, was an afghan she spent 4-months knitting. Apparently it was grabbed to wrap the flat-screen television in. Marcia was very, very, angry. This afghan was a sliding color series of 3-D looking cubes that started in once corner as a perfect blue, went through shades of purple, eventually ending up in the diagonal corner with a perfect red cube. Yes, Marcia was very, very, angry!

And yes, not to worry, we’re already able to watch Judge Judy with our temporary replacement – thanks Marlene.

Our new truck – Is a beast! It drives like a nimble SUV and pulls like a horse. Completely loaded down and pulling the little “Duck”, over the hills of northern Michigan, through downtown Grand Rapids, doing a steady 65 to 70 mph it managed to get 17.5 mpg.

Now that it’s here at home we have noticed an issue or two. Yesterday, while upstairs, I heard Marcia returning from an errand. The garage door hummed as it opened. I heard her collapse the side mirror as her concession to the fact that the space between vehicle and door jam is not a gaping hole. Then the engine got a little louder as she eased it forward. Finally I heard a loud bunch of clattering.

It seems Marcia aimed for a high-chair sitting along the wall. No damage, but it did create just a slight operational change. In the future Marcia will only leave the truck parked on the street or in the drive. I will pull it into the garage. See, for every problem there is a solution.

Closing – Monday Marcia and I will celebrate our 41st. It isn’t so much a case of “how time flies’, more a case of “what happened” over all those years. Well. Here’s “what happened”, we raised three more than wonderful kids. We’re enjoying the company of their spouses. And we go ga-ga over the grandkids they’ve given us.

This summer, once again, it’s hard to describe just how great a time Marcia and I had with them all—that’s were those 41 years went. Love ya.

See Marcia, I didn’t forget this year.

Make it a great week everyone.


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