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Weekly wisdom from the city:

”I recommend the art of slow reading.”Amos Oz, Israeli author

This week Marcia and I were “sitters”, not in the “OWS” sense, but in a three year old and six month old sense. And in that sense “sitter” is truly a misnomer.

My morning coffee, sipped in a quiet house and with only dark pouring into the windows is a good thing.

By the way, since I mentioned OWS, what’s up with the “Occupy” crowd? How do they expect to be taken seriously when a constant stream of ‘news’ about their camp-outs creeps out; public masturbation (Madison, WI), public defecation (NYC), flash at little girls (Seattle), rape (Ohio), toe sniffing (Toronto), anti-Semitism (all over), physical infighting (NYC – Zuccotti Park), and just living in filth (again, all over). It certainly doesn’t score points for any cause, theirs included.

The quote – This week’s Ramblings started with a quote from Amos Oz, an Israeli. It is a benign quote. Oz is not a benign writer.

This week we witnessed a peoples gone mad (mostly in an angry sense) and kill their devil leader. It so happens that these peoples were born and raised in a land not far from Israel and where the same waters quench thirst and the same olive trees provides shade and the same desert a place for hiding.

Here is another quote from Oz which gives a bit more insight into the daily turmoil we read and see coming out of that region; “Two children of same cruel parent look at one another and see in each other the image of the cruel parent or the image of their past oppressor. This is very much the case between Jew and Arab: It’s a conflict between two victims.”

Fun times in Austin – I’ve begun to realize that, as of late, much attention has been given to everyone in the ‘Nati, and less to the family members in Austin. Yet, the more we hear the more it’s become evident that their move to Texas was hugely positive in so many ways.

The surroundings are stunning and coming from ‘single climate’ Florida where the highest point is the top of Planet Earth at Epcot center in Walt Disney World, the change is wonderful. Here are a couple of pix from a recent hike they took in their nearby surroundings.

The kids (and Kirstin with the PTA) have been well absorbed into their new school, along with a myriad of activities. Kellen, in Kindergarten, is playing T-Ball, and taking lessons in Marshal Arts. Derek, our other third grader, is playing basketball. His love for Legos is being explored a bit further in that he’s involved in an after school project where he is making a mini-movie using Lego characters as the ‘actors’. Pretty cool stuff.

Additionally, he’s been invited to a series of session where the kids involved are working on social skills. For a little guy who always claimed the he “didn’t need friends” his current involvement is both wonderful and amazing.

Like Marin, last weekend was a school fall fair in Austin. Here are a few photos from that event.

Animal Planet – Even in the city things happen which creates a little ‘wow’ moment. I had just strapped Vaioleti into her car seat and stood up next to the car. Looking to the right (primarily to check for oncoming traffic) I spotted an adult hawk coming straight towards me flying down the center of the street at the height of a lamp-post. It flew right on by and continued over me and down the hill where I lost track of it. Seeing that powerful raptor on the wing was spectacular.

Closing – To the Ziggies and the Schies, safe travels! We’ll see you all in twelve or so days.

Make it a great week everyone.


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  1. Pieter pastoor Says:

    When are you guys going to Austin? – BTW – I know that crazy stuff happens when a large number of people gather but the press just might be over reporting those things since the companies these folks are protesting own the media

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