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Weekly – “the season has begun” quote:

”George, a camel, stepped on the foot of a Rockette; six sheep came off the elevator as three kings bearing gifts got on; human Christmas trees bumped into eight maids-a-milking at the water cooler and an elf came down with the flu.” – William E. Geist

We’re on a roll. Last Sunday Vaioleti came down with a bit of the flu. By Tuesday Adrianne was caught up in its grip (since Villiami is still nursing he decided that showing a bit of sympathy would not be a bad thing – so he up-chucked—but only once). Wednesday found me flat on my back—you know it’s serious when I skip coffee for half the week. Although it’s definitely getting better; yesterday I migrated to canned chicken soup, up a step from the “fake chicken soup in an envelope” stuff.

By Thursday Marcia had enough of the whole flu thing and careened about the house with heavy-duty disinfectant detergents. Yesterday morning she got up and was all set to start where she had left off. First she poured her morning coffee to get a ‘running’ start; and that she did. Moments after taking a sip or two she vacated that very same coffee. Marcia ran off to bed.

It’s wrong – and Vai would say that phrase with arm outstretched and palm facing out. Of course I am talking about our court system. I have been subpoenaed, showed up at court at 8:15 and exactly at 10:00 was informed that the case was postponed till the 16th (my ‘witness’ pay was $6.00; parking around the courthouse is $10.00—go figure). Dinnertime on the 15th a phone call informed me that there was another postponement.

In the meantime, last Wednesday Marcia hoofed it downtown for the postponed trial of the adult member of the gang that broke into our home. She was lucky, within the hour she was informed that it was being moved to December 2nd.

What happened to the days where a suspected horse thief would be tried when the judge showed up? If convicted, the undertaker had him on ‘Boot Hill’ by mid-afternoon. And if innocent the he’d be riding his horse out of town. This current world of gamesmanship played by the attorneys only victimizes the injured party even more. Signed; a bitter victim!

Wedding bells (sorry, steel drums) – Last weekend Marcia and I joined all of her side of the family for Joel and Jenelle’s wedding in Jupiter Island Florida; it was lovely—and fun to boot. I just love park, beach, woods, or any outdoor setting for a wedding (this from someone who got married in a chapel and had the reception in the basement). Then, you’ve got to love an officiant who begins the bride’s portion of the vows with, “you’re lucky to have me”.

What made it all extra special was that Paul insisted that we join him and Dia on “No-Grope” airlines which swung through our local general aviation airport. The flight was on a wonderful Beechcraft twin-prop. Four hours later, including another fueling stop in Macon and we were in Palm Beach. How Marcia and Dia made it through security carrying their pointy weapons I still don’t understand (try to spot the weaponry being brandished by the ladies in the photo). Thanks guys.

So, here you think you’ve got it all, jet-setting to a wedding, wonderful company, great meals. Then, upon landing back in the ‘Nati we found ourselves taxiing behind a military F-18 fighter jet. We all hung around a bit to watch that bird take off and shoot off into the clouds. I asked one of the ground crew why an F-18 was in these parts? He answered that the pilot has family in town and every so often he flies his plane in for a short visit. OK, it’s all one-upmanship.

Animal Planet – The picture of the week shows one of our hotel guests playing with her pet ferret at poolside. What you don’t see is that she also had a brother and sister who each had a pet hamster—poolside. What you also cannot see is that the animal defecated on the white linen covered mattress of the cabana they played on. Then, what Paul and I saw, was that dad – who never ever was seen managing his kids – had a 38 pistol tucked in his bathing suit and under his tee (it lifted when he stood up and the pistol grip poked out).

Closing – Again, congratulations to Jenelle and Joel – you two had a lovely beginning! May that joy carry you into the years ahead.

Make it a great week everyone.

Here’s to a little more Camomile tea.


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    Oh my – hope all is normal soon