Good morning all:

Weekly wisdom from the city:

”A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.” – Joyce A. Myers

R.I.P. Andy Rooney, you were my favorite 60-Minutes curmudgeon and you proved Ms. Myers to be absolutely correct.

Ok, the coffee has perked and I’ve had my first mug, now where do I go. Maybe ruminate a bit about the ‘haircut and a shave’ the earth is about to get early next week when an asteroid larger than an aircraft carrier will whiz by between us and the moon—nice steering to whomever..

PETA – I was going to wait with my post until I had some photo proof of that which Tevita is embarking on this morning. He has organized a pig-roast to celebrate the end of the Rugby season for his team.

This morning he used our truck as he and some teammates, before sunrise, picked up a 175 pound porker at the local restaurant supply house. I have volunteered to crank the 15’ spit for an hour as my contribution.

The fire pit is located in what was formerly their veggie garden. The party itself is at a teammate’s home a block and a half away. They have procured a proper cutting board – 5’ in length. It was my idea to load the roasted pig onto the cutting board and have six players hoist it on their shoulders and then march, with some accompanying Dixieland music, to the ‘final’ resting place. With little Vai attending Catholic pre-school there should be enough ‘pull’ to have the Priest lead the procession.

PETA would line the streets.

Halloween – was celebrated at Tevita and Adrianne’s home with Cathy, Jason, and the kids, along with some friend. Marcia made several gallons of sweet-potato fall vegetable soup.

The location of Adrianne and Tevita’s place was selected not because it’s necessarily conducive to partying. It is just that their community of St. Bernard goes so over the top for any event. In an hour and a half we figured that between 400 and 500 kids had come by to beg for candy.

Marcia and I worked the candy dispensary for a half hour and were loading bags non stop. With both handing out candies we realized we never had the time to stand back and comment on a particular costume—we never saw what any kid was wearing when faced with a line of 30 or so kids and new ones constantly filling their ranks.

Animal Planet – Word came through the neighborhood grapevine that a coyote was seen walking down our adjacent one way street with some little critter in its mouth. We did not hear whether or not there was a missing cat.

Closing – Congratulations to Pieter and Jeanne on your fortieth. With all the partying and frolicking certain to take place this weekend, be sure to not forget to turn your clocks back an hour.

Make it a great week everyone.


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    Thanks Dirk – love the spooky pics 🙂

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