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Weekly “moment of brilliance” quote:

rename my home WiFi network so that neighbors and any possible WiFi thieves will see it displayed as ”FBI Surveillance Van” – Brian Alvey

Last week I was still writing; “we are still grasping at straws holding on to a slight hope that our stolen TV will return.” This week I threw in the towel, and prior to the annual “deep-discount” season disappearing altogether got a replacement set—an LED/LCD HDTV (whatever all that letter mumbo jumbo means).

Back in the late eighties I drove to West Virginia to meet up with brother George. Since this trip was officially an “outing” I took young Adrianne and my mother, Omi, along. Actually, the real reason was that George and Sandy for one reason or other had duplicate, new, TVs. Since they only had use for one I was going to take the second—a top of the line 26” Sony Trinatron. Did you get that? A Twenty-Six inch TV! This thing was then referred to as “room furniture.” Other than projection stuff with all it’s little quirks this was about as big as it got. It was also about 70 pounds!

A slight problem we discovered early on was was space. Transporting that beast in my Audi 5000 turbo plus three people became somewhat problematic. Especially since the TV would NOT fit into the trunk. Basically we were stuck in Morgantown, WV. I should have pulled a trailer to either haul that beast of a TV or give my passengers an “ultimate-tanning-machine” experience.

My mother was always quick to point out if things were not as first hoped for—she was at her best. Plus, when it came to TV loading technique she was of zero help and Adrianne was just happily talking with her uncle.

Front seat pushed forward to the “inch-from-the-steering-wheel” position we squeezed in. If memory serves Adrianne did sit sideways in some slit between TV and back door. I sat sorta sideways in a basic James Dean body-out-of-the-window drive position. Omi sat in her favorite complaining position. That is how we made it home.

Our new LED/LCD HDTV weights a mere 14 pounds, has a display that is light-years beyond that old Sony, and I could hoof  it to Morgantown by myself. If I really wanted to that is.

Watching Kansas and Arkansas play in the Cotton Bowl on our new TV last evening was spectacular; it truly was an EVENT (love those punt return touchdowns)! Now some coffee to reflect on the Razorback’s win.

The Birthday Celebration – Marcia was able to milk her birthday into a multi-day event—mostly centered around food and family. Wait a minute, isn’t that like any other holiday? Day one it was lunch at our nearby wood-fired-oven specialty Pizza joint. Here little Viliami – at eight months of age – sat at the table like he was fully involved in the conversation. That was followed by a great desert and song at Cathy and Jason’s.

The next evening was dinner at Marcia’s favorite; Sung Korean Bistro. I had made reservations and bartered us wearing our best socks if we could have seating in their “traditional” seating area. And that is exactly where we were seated, on the floor and shoeless with Marcia wearing Dia’s gift – a pair of hand knitted, very posh, bright orange  socks. A great meal, with service not to be beat, followed—Dolsot BibimBab for madam and I had squid, Ojing-Au Bokum.

What a hoot, especially watching us two old fogey’s trying to get up off the floor at the end of the meal. I opted that we’d slide to the middle and put our backs together and then both push up. The floor was too slippery for that little trick. Eventually I grabbed my legs firmly by my knees-pulled them to the creaking point-maneuvered them past the little table leg-swung around-scooted-then dropped them over the first of the three steps leading to the “traditional seating” area-and stood up. Now standing I was then able to extend my hand and assist Marcia, thus preventing her from crawling around the polished floor on all fours like a deer on ice.

The staff, as per Asian tradition, was extremely discreet—we heard no overt laughter whatsoever.

Closing – “Who-Dey” Bengal fever is back in town as our team is in the playoffs: this afternoon – 4:15 EST – playing in Houston. Join us for the inevitable party at our place. Tomorrow Marcia is hosting her “Diva Dinner”. Six long term friends will be assembling at our house for a great meal highlighted by several variations of Ohio’s favorite dish—green bean casserole. I have been invited to eat elsewhere, anywhere but here, and Adrianne was kind enough to extend an invitation.

Happy birthday to Heather this week. Then tomorrow its David Bowie’s – 65th. Who woulda thunk that this cocaine addicted, red-pepper and milk obsessed, paranoid character would achieve what is referred to as “old bones” status.

Make it a great week everyone and be safe.


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