Good morning all:

Weekly mid-winter quote:

Every mile is two in winter. George Herbert

When I saw Marcia perambulating about carrying an armload of old used underwear and a large container of polish I just knew that there was no stopping last Sunday’s “Diva Dinner.” At the appointed hour I was shuffled out the back door and on my way to A and T’s for dinner. Turns out that the ladies had a great time, although I believe I got the best of the deal.

Now, early Saturday morning sitting here with a hot coffee, I am still chuckling about my comment to Marcia just prior to the ‘Diva’s’ arrival. She’d mentioned that the ladies would discuss reducing their number (seems like there are a few no shows). My response; “great idea, that’s fewer funerals to attend.” Marcia did share that comment, although rephrasing it. Apparently it was not received all that warmly by the ladies—probably a winter-cold thing. Sometimes you hit a home run, other times you strike out.

Hours in Court – Monday afternoon my new best friend, the detective on our burglary case, urged us to attend the court session of our ‘perp’ the next morning – Tuesday. Two hours after our appointed arrival time a smallish little guy wearing black and white striped PJs, paper-like flip-flops and with his arms well-cuffed behind his back was escorted into the room. Next thing we knew there was a flurry of activity; not a good sign for witnessing closure to a “shut and closed” case.

This piney little guy – our perp – then spoke up and concurred that he had just fired his attorney. Huh? He gets court appointed, taxpayer-funded, counsel and then he has the luxury of firing the guy? OK, so now the whole mess is rescheduled to the 25th where new counsel will be appointed. Then, of course, the new one will want much more time to “get up to speed”; I am disgusted!

Travel in the city – Sis in law Jeanne Z has had some communications with Marcia and questioned why we would take the bus with our city travels. Duh? We live in a city! Parking is horrible (especially since a new Casino is under construction close by the court-house), and expensive. It’s both quicker, more economical, and our kids love this bit – ‘greener’, to ride the bus.

Well, most of that is true. The ‘quicker’ bit only works if you know what route number bus to take. For Marcia and me it was not that problematic. It would have been much worse had we both been dozing when our bus blasted past the point where I had expected it to make a left turn.

Almost immediately I grabbed the driver-alert cord and he dutifully pulled next to the curb at the very next stop. And, the walk home in brisk fall-like air filled with sunshine was actually enjoyable. It would have been even better had Marcia not straggled a few steps behind me pouting like a tweener not getting her way in the leather pants section at Target.

Closing – right after I post, Tevita and I will head out to our local Building-Values store for the annual Cincypaddlers Giant (or maybe giant) Indoor Swap Meet. It’s a place to think of and remember Spring and Summer, where people can swap, sell, buy, canoes, kayaks, and all the related stuff. Aside from that, the Building-Values store is a neat place by itself. See, it’s is a green nonprofit that recycles building materials (doors, sinks, vanities, etc.) and employs people with disabilities and workforce disadvantages in the process. I’m a little bit excited.

Other than that, make it a great week everyone and be safe.


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