Good morning all:

Weekly aging quote:

“The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life.” ~ Oscar Wilde

For those of you who missed yesterday’s ‘shindigs’, I’ll pour you a shot of Scotch with your morning coffee; just so you can say, “I was there.” Join me.

The lead-up – to my birthday was excellent. Marcia had reserved rooms at the nearby Hueston Woods lodge, a gorgeous retreat located in Hueston Woods a few miles from Miami State University in Oxford, OH. That reservation proved to be the highlight and was followed by a period of (in biblical terms) waning.

Jason and Tevita were the first to drop out when their work in Texas commenced. Next, Kirstin, recently re-planted in Austin, TX, got caught up with the whirlwind of activities demanded by a growing family and problems managing a flight during a period where the passenger is at the bottom of the importance list for most airlines—so, Skype was substituted.

Marcia then succumbed to a nasty nasal infection which had her in bed for nearly 20 hours out of every 24. She is of a specific school of thought, one that sneers at antibiotics and is totally comfortable with just ‘”powering through” the event—hack, hack, now in week two.

Finally the grand kids too began to show signs of the ravages of living in the Mid-West during winter. About this time I began to form visions of being at the lodge by myself. Having seen The Shining a couple of times I knew the time had come to take resolute action.   So:

Wednesday I had seen enough and cancelled our Hueston Woods stay (which, by the way, was to be a surprise and was until last December when I innocently asked Marcia about a $450 charge which popped up on a credit card) —whoops.

The day – Yesterday morning we kicked into gear promptly at 7:30 when Adrianne dropped Vaioleti and Viliami off. Ten minutes later Vai experienced an incident of what the scholars during the middle-ages referred to in Latin as “regurgitare“. The poor dear.

Vai loved the attention and care she received – consisting of a continuous loop of Tinkerbell movies; so that after only one more round of “regurgitare” she bounced back.

Meanwhile, Viliami has discovered the stunning simplicity of the electrical outlet and is totally fascinated. He makes tracks pursuing each wall outlet he spots. Couple his new interest with Vai’s situation prompted me to ‘dance’ with Vili as a means to distract. Playing my new Red Bird Alert album (Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers) he absolutely ‘zoned’ on the bluegrass music.

Holding a 24 pound bundle and standing for the duration of a full length CD provided yesterday’s workout. That was a great lead-in for a fun dinner we brought in last night. I believe it was the first time one little three year old tasted calamari.

At my new age it was deemed better to stick with a healthier version of the traditional birthday cake. Result? The acappella rendition of “Happy Birthday” was totally on key.

The phone didn’t stop ringing and I want to thank all who made yesterday a very special one; a day not soon forgotten.

Animal Planet – While on the phone with bro Pieter a hawk landed on a branch on the tree outside of my office window. A little research showed that it was a Cooper’s Hawk and based on its large size, probably a female. That was a first I’d seen in our town.

Last weekend the temperature hit close to 60, a perfect afternoon to enjoy the zoo. Feeding the seals was fascinating to see for parents, teens, little kids, and also for Opa.

Closing – Happy birthday to Dinah next weekend, we’ll have a great time at the roller-skate rink. And, much success for little Payton and the mid-week surgery she is facing – thoughts and prayers are with you.

Make it a great week everyone and be safe.


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  1. Pieter pastoor Says:

    Well, well – turned out just fine – your birth day that is. Loved the logo reference with the corrugated plug –