Good morning all:

Weekly wisdom from deep within the north woods:

“Boston she have good hockey team; dose Caps ees nice. But Les Canadiens ees bes’ dat ever skate de ice.” ~ from our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

Since we’re heading north to open the cabin in a few days I thought I’d call my friend Claire and give him a ‘heads up’. Seeing as the NHL teams are busily beating up on each other in preparation for the Stanley Cup our discussion naturally led to that subject.

He quoted (so he says) what was a more animated ‘bit’ from a discussion he had with his friend, a Quebecois named monsieur Joliat; I disagreed. By the sounds of it, it was a beginning part of the discussion which occurred as the first bottle of Molson’s was opened—had it been the last of the case the ‘discussion’ would have had a substantially different tone. I would have been able to tell the latter from the way Claire would have lisped through some newly missing teeth; hockey is a very serious subject in the north woods.

The coffee tastes great this morning, so I’ll get on with some ‘ramblings’.

Packing – For the last month+ Marcia has been busily creating massive piles of ‘stuff’ to take north. Placed into bins are things I didn’t know we had. Other things that I thought we had parted with several yard sales ago. Newly purchased things have been dutifully stowed. Then there is a whole bunch of stuff where I just go, “huh?”

The ‘huh’ stuff includes a series of large ceramic and glass canisters from our kitchen—why? Sitting on the floor is a bright red Kitchen Aid food mixer, a very large Crockpot and a large stoneware vessel for baking beans; how much baked beans can we consume?

What we end up dragging north is both stunning and scary; possibly its time to apply some reason. My personal druthers would be to throw a sweater or two, some ‘tightie-whitey’s’, and a bathing suit in a bag and call it a day.

I can just envision the Canadian border control person shaking their head in disbelief!

1st birthday – Last Sunday it was Viliami’s 1st birthday party. With first birthday events there are some inherent problems—at least from the celebrant’s viewpoint. First off, since the parental units invite people it is always the case that it’s their friends who are invited. Second, the friends of the parent always bring an entourage of kids a year or two older. These then make it a mess for the birthday kid by opening things, playing with the new toys, or worse yet, plunking – in this case – Vili on something and then expect a moment of pure joy and bliss.

Well Vili showed the whole group just how stressful it all is.

However, in the same breath it should be noted that the cake is ALWAYS a massive hit!

At the end, everyone went home talking about what a lovely party it had been. Vili? Well Vili just went down for a nap. I think it was the book that could be chewed on that was the best gift.

Babysitting – This week it was also a moment for doing some sitting. The reason being, that I’ll miss the little boogers over the next months. The reverse is also true; the parents will miss me being able to sit.

My evening with Marin and Dinah went without a hitch. With Dinah it was a full-length discussion on Strawberry Shortcake and her friends – Marin just stayed busy reading book two of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Then we all played the Wimpy Kid board game. Somehow I had the stinky-cheese in my possession most of the time (Wimpy Kid aficionados will understand – it’s not a good thing). Then reading prior to heading for bed. Marin continued his reading of Wimpy Kid at a frenetic pace – only pausing to relay a super juicy bit, or to just chuckle.

Dinah gave me a choice. I could either read her three books, or read her three chapters in a chapter book. Well, since the book was a mystery and you cannot (must not) stop a mystery before it’s solved; I read her the whole book – five chapters.

Last night it was Vaioleti and Viliami’s turn. Vili was amazingly easy. He grabbed a hold of the coffee table and ‘walked’ around the table about five or six times, had a bit of a bottle, and realized that the easiest way to stop being dizzy would be to snuggle under the covers and go to sleep.

Vai and I made popcorn and watched a movie (actually two – I’ll explain). The first short was a cartoon – Frances the Badger – which contained an important lesson for three and four year old kids and going to bed by oneself. Just prior to the movie’s end, and how happily Frances could now go to sleep and wake up all without an adult sitting in the room for half the night Vai told me it was scary and she was through watching—clothes that looked like a monster, a crack in the ceiling, wind blowing a curtain, kind of scary stuff. To erase the details of the Frances movie we watched a happy pony movie.

Later, after Adrianne and Tevita came home Vai started crying in her bed. Adrianne stuck her head in the door and after settling Vai  down came back into the living room. “I have no idea what’s going on with that girl” Adrianne stated, “she said that she was scared of a crack in the ceiling.”

“I’ll explain”, was my response.

Closing – I know that this week others will also be heading up to their cabins—do it safely. The other day I gave “Our Duck” an oil change and small choke adjustment so it’s ready for its trip.

It appears that there could be a hiccup with Paul’s internet hookup, so possibly a delay of these ramblings next weekend. Now best get ready, Marcia assures me we are not finished shopping. “Huh?”

Happy birthday Marlene!

Make it a great week everyone, be safe.

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