Good morning all:
This week was the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic tragedy, so

Weekly simple lesson that came out of the Titanic tragedy quote:

“Seize the moment, remember all those women who waved off the dessert cart on the Titanic.” ~ Erma Bombeck

Before I even begin to sip my morning coffee, in a very quiet setting, let me first say this to actor Mel Gibson: INDOOR VOICE MEL! Last evening I happened to read/watch the hoopla generated by release of a video of his latest rant; he was apparently ‘talking’ to someone a mile away. Ok, back to my coffee.

Bed Armor – My gallon of “bed armor” is amazing. No, not so much for the great job it’s doing sealing and protecting the truck’s bed—it certainly does that. No something else. Let me explain. I spent a couple of days cleaning, sanding (actually de-glazing), masking, and finally painting the truck bed. The hard protective coating is amazing.

Marcia too loved it and asked if there was enough left for another project. There was. And so the old wooden basement steps were cleaned, properly masked, and now sport a clean – non-slip – surface. They actually do look 100% better.

Now I got to thinking. It began to appear that this 1-gallon can of bed armor could not be used up. In fact, I began to re-read the old story of the “fishes and loaves” where, no matter what, there was always enough for more need.

Since that ongoing quantity stayed stable I came up with yet another project; our little 2CV. Under the rubber floor mats there were some spots of light surface rust. Yesterday my grinding tool was put to use, and by dinner time The Duck had well protected flooring. As soon as I post this I’ll clean up the masking tape and re-install the seat runners, seat belt holders, and the seats themselves. Last will go in the freshly cleaned and Armorized mats. Voila.

Hey, maybe there is some left for some project you have – give me a call.

Thinking Time – Thursday afternoon, in the sunshine, I sat on the deck reviewing my newly created Living Will (done, correctly so, at the insistence of the kids—something about my latest age marker). In the background I had playing one of my favorite recordings by one of my favorite groups; The Last Waltz by The Band.

Marcia stepped out and asked “are you playing The Band?” I nodded yes. She continued; “a news bulletin just announced that their founding member, their drummer, Levon Helm, passed away.” The Band had lost both their beat and their voice. Marcia turned to go back inside and work on dinner. Over the sounds of The Band and Levon’s singing “Up On Cripple Creek” I heard Marcia say “that’s creepy.”

I wrote my music-compadré, brother Pieter, with the Levon news. His reply was simple; “tick–tock, tick-tock.”

Now, where again was I on my Living Will review?

The Circus – Tevita was working out of town and Adrianne had received a pair of kid tickets for a passing circus. As the resident circus specialist (having gone once when Adrianne was about six) I got the invite to join in.

The show opened with a couple of loud acts. First it was a globe in which two motorcyclists raced around and looped over each other. This was followed by a clown and his exploding and burning water squirting car. That is when Vai announced that she wanted to go home.

However, soon she acclimated and began to actually enjoy the sights and sounds.

I got an ‘evil eye’ from Adrianne about the time I began grunting every time the overweight – and well beyond her prime – acrobat slowly shimmied higher and higher up a 15’ pole balanced on her husband’s shoulders. She eventually made it and began twirling on a neck strap. I stopped grunting. Adrianne looked pleased. And the husband looked like he was about to have a heart attack. Vai LOVED it. Vili looked as if he needed a diaper change.

It was the way I remembered the circus from the last time.

Closing – Tonga celebrations really focus on 1st birthdays. This week Viliami had his first birthday. Today will be a major party at the Ongolea house. Tevita even began talking about doing another pig. Adrianne nixed that one. Next in his lineup was lamb. Nixed. Now Marcia is bringing baked beans.

Actually, it will be a great time and there will really be other ‘tasties’ than just beans. Also, remember the portable car-port from a couple of weeks ago? Well, as soon as I get The Duck pieced back together I’ll head over so that we can put it up. Rains came through during the night, but the weather gurus claim clearing and by noon a little sunshine.

Early next week Jason will celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday Jason.

Make it a great week everyone, be safe, and spend the time well.

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