Good morning all:

Weekly wisdom from back deep within the north woods:

“All the art of tree climbing lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” ~ from our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

It’s a late morning full of outrageous sunshine here at Northern Comfort. All of it couched on a bed of cool temperatures. I had my coffee hours ago; as you can surmise I am running late – let me explain. Whew, its been an active morning starting at 4:30.

Raccoon hunt – We had word waiting for us upon our return from the city; a ‘Coon had been around our cabin and shredded a chair and was seen chewing on cabin parts. For young Marin this was the start of a great adventure.

Evening came and we were eating dinner on the deck and there he was—staring from no more than ten feet away – and huge. I let out a holler and chased him. Minutes later he was back. About the fifth return it was no longer fun. I put out the word and a neighbor boated across with a live trap.

Morning came and the, now slammed shut, trap was on its side and some prime Bologna was gone. An hour later he was back. Again word went out and help arrived in the form of a weapon.

Marin asked what was going to happen and I advised him that he and I would recluse ourselves on the deck while the other adult was going to have a “heart-to-heart” talk with the critter and knock some sense into him. Mr. Hunter returned, the Raccoon did not. The Raccoon was gone.

Yesterday, shortly after dinner Mr. ‘Coon casually strolled back into camp – and went straight for the trap. More Bologna, no Raccoon. However, I spotted how he managed it and covered up the back end of the trap and laid a ‘sampling’ of fine ripe meat at the trap’s entrance. Ten minutes later he was safely tucked away for the night.

At 4:30 this morning Cathy, Jason, Dinah, and their dog, Bloo, arrived. With a dog around I needed to take the trap and its contents on a trip. Seven miles up the road I discovered a logging road which was the perfect Raccoon B&B type place for a release. Nary was there a word of appreciation uttered as the critter raced into the woods.

New guests – It was an escape from 100 degree temperatures only slowed down by a mini-Tornado through the city of Dayton which sent Cathy and Jason on their way. They are thrilled to be here. Bloo ran straight into the lake. Marin has been running his little electric boat. I cannot wait to show of the new fishing boat. “New”, meaning a 1975 aluminum Sea Nymph powered by a 1955 Johnson outboard motor (complete with wings a la the autos of the era).

It’s just perfect for fishing and throws a nice little wake when it’s opened up. Dry as a bone and the engine fired up on the second pull – so how good is that.

Animal Planet – Marin loves animals. In three days he’s found more frogs than he can count. He called me over and pointed out a 10” Snapping Turtle which was swimming by. Our cove’s pair of Loons yodel throughout the night and show of the preening skills every day. I called him and we watched a mom Redbreasted Merganser and her brood of 13 swim by as she was busily teaching them fishing skills by forming an arc and driving the fish to shore. So far he’s also seen a Bald Eagle. And, there is a whole week left!


Have a safe week, have a good week. Happy birthday to Kellen, Jolene, and Marin



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