Good morning all:

Weekly wisdom from back deep within the north woods:

“Children have to be educated, but left alone to explore the forest they also educate themselves.” ~ from our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

The sun is barely up, two mugs of coffee are down the hatch, the kids are on the road, and the quiet at Northern Comfort is already oppressive.

We knew that a great week had come to the end when Dinah discovered a note and a little gift for her from the Fairies in the little Narnia woods. As Dinah said to mom Cathy; “I think I am going to cry.”

Highlights – You know what? Listing all the things done during the week would be way too long and be a horribly boring read.

So, here are a few highlights: Jason and Marin took the ATV out for a run around Axe Lake, a mix of logging road and small trails. The big item was coming up to two Sandhill cranes which took off right in front of them—rising majestically and slowly trying to gain altitude between walls of trees.

The bat in the cabin was a huge load of fun. Marin spotted it flapping about inside the lit up kitchen/living space, when we came back from the south end of the lake. From the safety of the deck and behind the windows, a pair of belly-laughing grand-kids watched Opa bound around the place with an undersized butterfly net.

Cast for Bass or Pike. Snag the lure and eventually break the line. Go into the water and dive until the snagged lure is retrieved. Fix the retrieved lure back on the line. Repeat as needed—smiling the whole time. This was Marin’s daily drill for hours on end.

Have a speedboat with a couple of moms and a boatload of young girls stop by the dock to invite Marin to tube on the lake. The exact kind of situation which, years from now, becomes a stunning tale of suave daring-do. And, yes of course, he had to dive in and out across the boat’s wake until his arms fell off.

Dinah, and her new best friend Aubrey swam and swum (yes it’s true), played with the Fairy circus, and told risqué stories such as reading the ‘Sea Shell City’ advertising sign really fast several times over and then giggle and giggle at the sound of that little phrase. Too much fun.

A visit to the nearby Alpaca farm with two babies only a day old became the major piece of dinner conversation. A little petting and seeing just how cute these animals are was one fine event.

Ever pick over three gallons of strawberries? Oma arranged that event. The picking took under an hour. While the kids kept walking by to grab another and another Cathy and Oma spent double the pick time on a cleaning/trimming event. The refrigerator and freezer are full.

The, almost, nightly campfire was where meal number two in the form of ‘Doughboys” were made and consumed faster than they could be browned over the hot coals. [Doughboy: biscuit dough wrapped around a ¾” dowel so that a pocket is formed – liberally loaded with butter – and equally liberally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar]

Did I mention that it’s already waaaay to quiet? And they’ve only been gone a little while.

Animal Planet – Catch and released a nice 20” Northern Pike, one even larger jumped off the lure as he was lifted in the boat, and one casually bit off the lure and swam away. Marin took the kayak into the back end of the cove and spotted a Beaver by its lodge. Twice over we saw a 10” to 12” snapping turtle patrol by our shoreline. Marin also identified as Minks the mom and four little ones by the waters edge in front of the cabin. The Merganser Duck and her brood came by again. And, after a little research in the reptiles and amphibians Field Guide we discovered that we have a very brightly colored Smooth Green Snake living at the edge of our grassy area.

Every morning and evening the resident Loons loudly announce that the cove is theirs.

Donn and his grand-son told of seeing an adult Cougar on a trail they were riding – larger than a German Sheppard dog. Something to keep in mind when traveling that part of the area.

Have a safe week, and hopefully it will be a bit cooler than the last. Now, find a better net should that bat return.


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  1. Pieter pastoor Says:

    Wow – what a week. We just got home from the beach – same thing – a week full of fun and adventure