Good morning all:

Weekly wisdom from back deep within the north woods:

“Lettin’ the ‘Coon outta the trap is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in.” ~ from our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

Week two (plus 1 day) since we shipped our pesky Raccoon up the road to a new B&B—can I now count this trap-‘n-ship venture a success?

This morning it was coffee, a short wait for my walking partners – Marlene and Dia –, the three mile walk on oppressively humid and already hot pavement, more coffee, and finally some rest to focus on this morning’s Ramblings.

The warm summer is continuing. Delightful to us summer residents, way too hot for the locals. It’s as the man says; “There is no such thing as bad weather; only inadequate clothing”. I have no idea who that man was; I just think he’s on to something.

In any case, its perfect for early evening after-dinner coffee cruises. These were formally Happy Hour cruises which have now been deemed illegal—bureaucrats are die hard party poopers!

Screening – has become a reality at Northern Comfort. We’ve gained another living room with the finish to the screening of the deck. Unless the flying beasties unleash a horde of miniaturized little devils we should now be fine during Mosquito, Black Fly, Deer Fly, and biting Pine Beetle season. Wait a minute that covers May through October. Having this new space is great.

Sea Nymph – advances are progressing beautifully. At the recommendation of our neighbor (neighbour in these parts), Dennis, we bought a Sea Nymph 14 foot aluminum fishing boat through Craig’s List. It’s bone dry and solid.

The exciting part is the motor. It came with a 10hp Johnson Sea Horse engine. It runs great and starts strong on the first or second pull. Here is what makes this little engine a bit different; it’s 57 years young! That motor was first put into the water in 1955! If you know my liking for anything ‘vintage’ then you’ll understand completely. This week I ‘pimped’ it by repainting it by changing it from the “Duck Hunter camouflage black and brown” to its original color scheme. Beautiful isn’t it?

Kids do grow – It was just a few years ago that I remember swimming around the pool with Derek hanging on my back or sitting on my shoulders going through the airport. These days I seem to struggle just a wee-bit more getting up off my knees when standing up. On the other hand, look at this picture of Derek. I would be flat on my belly hanging on for dear life.

Animal Planet – Saw the first water snake in these parts. Swimming by the cabin was a lovely Northern Water Snake.

How many places can you think of where, when driving home, you see a Black Bear and a Porcupine crossing the road? Last evening the six of us had a splendid meal at Brownlee Lakes Park’s restaurant. Driving home at dusk, around 9:30 in the north woods, we saw just that. In fact, the slow moving Porcupine knew who owned the road and made us slow way down.

Also, this week Marcia and I advised a whole family of mice and one bat who it is that actually pays the rent at Northern Comfort—they have taken the hint (with a little push and motivational speech from yours truly) and relocated elsewhere.

Have a safe week, congratulations to Pieter on his birthday—I’m still ahead of you. And to Adrianne and Tevita on getting the ‘new’ car back after a two-and-a-half month repair job—interesting to realize that it took less than a day to build it in the first place. ?


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