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Weekly wisdom from deep within the north woods:

“Tis better to be silent and be thought a branch, than to speak and remove all doubt; remember it’s the branch sticking out that gets ‘whacked’ by the axe.” ~ from our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

Ok, so our neighbors had visitors much aligned with politics completely 180° different from mine. I was informed by my spouse, unequivocally, that I “do not go there!” While I am still in that ‘silent’ mode it might be a good time to do the Ramblings.

Something new has been added this week. Paul and I were talking and ended up discussing the fact that there is an archive of over 500 of these Ramblings. He made reference that it might be fun to pull a line of two from something-old into something-new. At the bottom you’ll find the first of this ‘new’. The specific paragraph from August 2004 was pulled is in honor of the Schie-clan—three of my nieces are currently in the process of delivering babies. Stephanie and Nick welcomed Edda Frances Tuesday morning. Last we heard, Janelle is in the hospital pushing hard welcomed Evan Timothy, and Jacquie is going; “oh no, I am next in a week or two.”

Low Pressure – Much of this week our weather has been affected by a stalled low-pressure centered over Toronto. For us it’s meant a constant, counter-clockwise flow of air. Translation; we’ve had white caps on the lake most days. And, these winds have been coming at us on our exposed side so that the Pontoon and the little Sea Nymph fishing boat have been straining at their moorings.

However, as with all these matters, there is a bright side. The bright side is that I have now developed the necessary skills to efficiently bail out our newest boat—something not required with the pontoon.

Unlike the old Fleetwood Mac lyrics which informed us that thunder only happens when it’s raining, we had lots of rain without much thunder. However, our days-long storm reminded me of an old Atlantic article by a great news writer, William Langewiesche, and an article he wrote back in 2004 describing the horrible sea disaster in European: 850 died on the Estonia, in the Baltic Sea. (Serendipitously, today’s archives paragraph is also from a 2004 Rambling)

Friendships – This week we joined with lake friends and neighbors and celebrated Denny and Janice’s 50th wedding anniversary held at the local community center. For those who might remember, when Marcia’s dad passed away one of his requests was honored—one final trip around his beloved lake.

Paul organized that his remains were brought into Canada and there the siblings and their dad made one final cruise. Back in 2000 it was Denny who volunteered his pontoon for the event. He pulled into dock and the casket was placed on the boat for that final ride. So as you can see, there is quite a history.

One cute aside, the celebrants saved their, now 50 year old, cake top. A new wedding cake was at the party and the old cake top placed on top – with one small change. The community hall kitchen ladies made a small change, the hair on the bride and groom had magically turned grey.

Oh, and music for the event was provided by their grandson who lives in Paris, France but spends a chunk of his summer in the north-woods. See how easy it is to be so remote and yet so connected?

Animal Planet – The visitors at our neighbor’s place are both academics. He is a metallurgist and so I was pressed into service to lead an exploratory party to the old abandoned copper mine. A ‘kid-in-a-candy-store” was the result. The photo is that of rock we found which shows a nice vein of copper (the rock being about two feet by two feet).

Our one pleasant evening this week found all the folk at our end of the lake enjoying an evening campfire in the clearing. Shortly the skies cleared of clouds and a stunning nighttime sky display emerged, including the Milky Way. At one point I turned to my neighbor, Bulent, and said something to the effect that it’s been about two years since I saw the International Space Station pass overhead. Not two minutes later he, almost yelling, “There it is!” Sure enough, the brightest object visible moving east at speed. For about three or four minutes no-one said much as we sat watching the object pass overhead and finally disappear over the horizon. Ok, so the picture is dark but it’s the best I could do with my little point and shoot—click on it twice over to enlarge and you’ll see a single bright spot, yup, that’s it. Trust me it was more impressive to the naked eye.

Make it a great week everyone. Happy birthday the Nick M, Edda, and Evan.



ArchivesSaturday, August 14, 2004

Middle of the week Marcia and I stopped over at Jason and Cathy’s for a moment. Of course, as is always the case, we stayed for a little bit. Somehow the adults ended up sitting in a smallish circle. Without immediately realizing it Marin, almost right-on thirteen months old, was walking from one to the other, turning, and even doing a 360°. Aside from the thrill of watching this little miracle was seeing the joy the little guy was expressing through smile and sparkle. Wonderful stuff!

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  1. Pieter Says:

    Great idea to put in a bit of history. When I look at a billboard magazine I always go for the back page to see the top 10 songs 10, 20, 30 years ago.
    Awesome sunset