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Weekly wisdom from deep within the north woods:

“The Hunters will go out to hunt, for hours at a time, but it’s usually the women gatherers who will have the food on the table when they return.” ~ From Claire’s wife, an everywoman in the north woods

Probably Mrs. Claire was in a bit of a funk after Claire’s afternoon with the boys. As a guy, I understand how that goes when sometimes you almost get begged to get out from underfoot, then when you actually follow through and return having had a great time; it turns that that was not the right thing to do. Clear as mud isn’t it?

Talking about mud – I had a grand batch of coffee this morning; especially after a great night of sleep following the previous night’s sleep, one filled with fits and starts. I’ll explain.

The gang arrived – The plan was for Adrianne and Tevita to hit the road Thursday after work and a quick dinner. As it turns out, at 7:00pm Tevita was still putting stain on the basement steps. Add to this having to return library books, a stop by the bank, etc. They did not get underway till past 9:00pm and still facing twelve hours of highway travel. To not cause any worry Adrianne left a couple of voice messages, especially when, by 3:00am they found themselves diving into each and every rest area to grab forty-or-so winks. They rolled in at about 11:00am; we were expecting them about 7:00.

I had been checking my voice mail, however, only Marcia’s phone would connect, mine just showed “call failed” every time I tried, and from every location I tried. Adrianne had left her messages on MY phone; couple all of that with an all-night rain with thunder and you can appreciate my “fits-and-starts.”

So today it’s true vacation time and already it’s been a boat ride down the lake. Actually, the first item on Vai’s list was a ride in The Duck – which we did by running to the Trading Post for a newspaper.

We’ll get more detail and more next week. Now I am just lucky to post something.

Animal Planet – Earlier this week I went on what turned into a 44.9 mile Quad ride. Way back along the powerline we discovered a pile of gorgeous feathers, probably left from what had been a raptor attack. It took a bit of research, but I am almost certain that what we discovered was what was left of an Eastern Meadowlark.

I made a trek along the old logging road along the north end of the lake after hearing much activity at odd hours. The road is unrecognizable and has become a highway. Once logging starts, probably this winter, trucks filled with 40 tons of wood will careen through there at speeds approaching 50 mph. For those who know the area the road graders have cleared halfway to Puddingstone Creek from the Pickerel Lake cut-through and all the way to 129. The “Active Logging Road” signs are already up.

With the Republican convention in Tampa, FL, I thought it appropriate to attach this week’s Archive.
Make it a great week everyone. Happy Birthday to Adrianne (yesterday), Vaioleti (Wednesday), and Sandy (today).

Archives – Saturday, August 14, 2004
A little later this morning we’ll check in with George and Sandy to see if they have fished the furniture from the pool yet. I talked with George prior to Naples getting hit so an update will be good. I will also have to check with the brand new Senior Mechanical Engineer [Vince] for Walt Disney World whether the Tuna and Turkey statues were removed from the roof of the Swan and Dolphin resorts as a precaution. For those of you who do not know, I am proud to announce that I now have a direct line to this person at Disney.

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