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Weekly wisdom:

“Al Gore claiming Obama’s lousy debate performance was due to altitude was so preposterous Gore started heckling himself halfway through.” ~ Dennis Miller

A lovely and long summer came to an abrupt halt. First it was the traffic on I-75, which we had completely forgotten about. The chaotic turmoil of roaring semis, pickup trucks towing trailers loaded down with toys of all types, racing cars, bikes with riders in club colors, interspersed with old timers inching along in massive pusher RVs; the whole all moving along with great insouciance. Couple that with a snaking sea of orange barrels had me believing that at any moment I’d spot some Fellini type director shooting from behind one of the roadside billboards.

Next it was being thrust back into the lively world of politics and watching a debate so stunningly lopsided that it really was a once in a lifetime event. Then, to my utter delight, is the fact that at Aldi their “seasonal” stocking of German/Dutch Roggebrood has begun. Marcia returned with several of the little bricks of black Rye bread. Mornings have become so much more special with a piece of the stuff and a slice of cheese on top.

This morning it was followed by my barely being able to get out of bed this morning since it was oh so absolutely comfortable under the covers; even as outside it dropped into the lower thirties. Hence, my hot coffee coupled with this little black bread treat means it just has to be one of the best ever!

Note from Claire – As our time at Northern Comfort neared an end it also meant that time accelerated—we missed wishing our north woods everyman our seasonal goodbye. Consequently we received a little note from the old fellow. As expected, the opinionated Claire had his common sense answer to a ‘progressive’ solution offered by the Toronto school system, as written up in a news article he found. In a nutshell, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has instituted a new plan where; “Kids have the right to use any school washroom they wish — as long as the choice corresponds with their view of whether they’re male or a female”, i.e. no ‘parts’ checkers at the door.

What was Claire’s proposal? It really was so simple. As someone who has spent a lifetime in and about the forest his answer is: trees. In the forest everyone just dives behind a tree of choice, a personal choice. That’s why he proposed that the TDSB uses the mostly empty space found in nearly every school’s court yard and create a ‘mini’ forest. No court yard? No problem. The answer is to fill the space between the buildings and the street with; yes you guessed it, trees.

Often it’s the simple solution that bests the complex. Thanks Claire, right as always.

Our Fall tour – was more fun than we could have hoped for. Over fifty vintage automobiles took part and headed north after assembling in the little village of Thessalon. The sun was out, the top was rolled back, Patricia Kaas was blasting out her wonderfully throaty; “Une Dernière Semaine À New York” through the little radio, and the trees were in all their glory.

A Polish sausage lunch at the community hall in Wharncliffe and everyone continued on north, some “rat-rods” amidst much roaring, some like a vintage MG-TD and out little Deux Chevaux purring leisurely along. Marcia and I joined along for another few miles and then bid the group farewell.


Last to be stored was the old 1955 Johnson outboard engine on its newly finished stand. The new – easily managed – dock was already lifted clear, and the Deux Chevaux readied for the trip home. A final look back down our drive tempered the “wanting-to-head-home” into a “why-are-we-leaving-all-of-this?” moment.

Animal Planet – Without the master gardener, Marcia, on the premises the yard looked like it needed attention. Our neighbor quickly pointed out that lightning from a storm a few weeks back topped a large tree in the back yard and 25 or so feet of tree can be seen dangling. Closer to the ground the grass is a field of mushrooms – probably due to some serious recent rains. When dealing with volley ball sized mushrooms you know you have an issue.

Fini – Make it a great week everyone. Stay safe everyone.



From the Archives
Saturday, October 07, 2006

Morning all:

Wow, what an evening. At six this morning I felt as if I should still be drinking Dutch Jonge Jenever rather than my favorite cup of coffee.

Much anticipated, last night we roasted brother George’s 60th in style. Gathering at the historic Vernon Manor hotel family and friends went at him mercilessly. I believe that even the ghosts of many of the pasts guests at the place joined in on the laughter.

The highlight being Pieter’s video bolstered demonstration of just how our ever patient mother, constrained by the then world of “Ozzie & Harriet” and “Aunt Bea” of The Andy Griffith Show, imparted her knowledge of what George needed to know about the Birds and the Bees.

While my stumbling effort was taken in good naturedly by George it was Art’s wrap-up that gave perspective and meaning. Tears of joy and laughter and just tears for no other reason than “just because” were the real dessert of the evening. This on top of the wonderful deserts that followed some great eats.

If you live over 500 miles from Cincinnati you might have a small excuse for not knowing that this is the weekend that the Tall Stacks Music, Arts and Heritage Festival is in full swing. Tonight our whole gang will board the New Orleans based Natchez for a never-to-be-forgotten dinner cruise. Even Mother Nature can’t contain herself and is brightening these days with great sunshine and the night with a full Harvest moon.

Then tomorrow it will be a full-blown Pig Roast to celebrate Adrianne and Tevita’s wedding and safe return. As I write this more friends and family are traveling to make it here for the remainder of the weekend. Even three volunteer friends from Adrianne’s Peace Corps family in Tonga will join us.

For everyone who is here with us its real plain that times such as what we’re experiencing this weekend provides the real riches of life.

Now, since it’s nearly light, anyone for a quick game of Corn Hole?

Make it a great week everyone; do it with fun, do it with style, do it with love.


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