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“telling the same stories over and over. This is how they become embedded; this is how they become the tent poles of a childhood.” ~ Lorraine Sommerfeld

It’s a scary morning. I am sitting in a semi-darkened motel room trying to not disturb Marcia’s beauty sleep while I try and key this week’s Ramblings. And, even more critical, I have to wait till seven-thirty for the coffee to finish perking by the breakfast bar. Hello from Saugatuck, Michigan.

Wedding central – Niece Molly is getting married today (here I should add “hooray, hooray” so it can form the opening line of a ditty). It’s a grand turn out and our group has pretty well placed a lock on the quaint little motel on the waterfront in the downtown of Saugatuck—a lovely little tourist area in western Michigan.

Last evening I picked up Kirstin at the Grand Rapids airport and it was so good to see her for the first time in over a year. We had dinner at the highly recommended pub across the street with the Ongoleas. The pizza was to die for—the company even better.

Pack– ‘n -Play – is the “pop up” instant bedding for little tykes such as Viliami. Adrianne’s Pack– ‘n -Play has been a fixture at our place, but now could be of use here in Saugatuck. Thursday I was handed some pre-trip instructions headlined by; #1 – bring the Pack– ‘n -Play. It became my first project.

To collapse the thing it requires a mystery process of yanking on the bottom and simultaneously pushing a hidden button on each of the four sides. Fifteen minutes later and I just knew that downstairs it must have sounded as if the Battle of the Bulge was being fought in the Ardennes – aka, the guest bedroom. I was correct; Marcia was already on her way upstairs. The backup troops had arrived. We won the battle!

Brother Art – visited us this week. Having some business in New Jersey he flew from California and then escaped on Sunday, literally hours before hurricane Sandy hit. Heading back to home in southern California ne put down in what they normally view as; “fly over country.” We had a great day and a half. Can you tell the family resemblance?

Animal Planet – Is it just me, or has the Hawk population exploded these last few years? Drive along any highway and it’s amazing how often I spot a hawk sitting in a tree, on a pole, or on a rail. More than I had seen for years.

Fini – Make it a great week everyone. Prayers going out to all those affected by Sandy and the havoc it wreaked. Glad to know that my friends Terry and Linda are well and that their power is back on. Stay safe—and turn your clocks back!


From the Archives
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Morning all:

Regarding the Presidential election and notwithstanding your own personal preferences, I guess that by now you know that Ohio was where Florida was four years ago—the eye of the political hurricane. I just found out (4:30 am) that other than an absolute “straight flush” (poker lingo) on the absentee and provisional ballots Kerry has not got a chance. But, here’s what you did not know, and “this is the rest of the story”; Ohio’s secret weapon for the Republicans was a little 103 year old lady, and it was this little lady who was the one who pushed Ohio over the top for Bush.

103-Year-Old Has Voted in Every Election Since Women Got That Right in 1920
11/02/04 12:28PM GMT

Even at age 103, Esther Fobes won’t be sitting out this Election Day.

The Warren, Ohio, senior citizen says she’s voted in every election since women were granted that right in 1920.
She cast her first ballot for Republican candidate Warren Harding. In those days, Fobes says they would ride to the polling place in a horse-drawn buggy.

Fobes says she’ll be staying up late tonight, to see who wins. She adds she’ll be drinking plenty of coffee.
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11/3/2004 06:04:01 AM

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