Good morning all:

Weekly wisdom:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ~ Albert Einstein

The quote primarily addresses the swelling panic regarding an interpretation of some old Mayan writing which state we have 13 days left before – KABOOM!

Slept in – sort of, then needed time to regroup, enjoy some serious coffee, and here I am; ready to proceed with the Ramblings.

It was Pieter who, on his Wednesday radio show (KDRT 95.7FM Davis), handed me a gift. The show revolved around the European (especially the Dutch) tradition of Saint Nickolas (Sinterklaas dag) on December 5th. Of course, part of that tradition is gift giving. It should be pointed out that the gifts tend to be less commercial and less ostentatious. Hence, often it’s a poem that in reality is a caricature description of some quirkiness found in the recipient. I received such a poem and it was read over the airwaves. He pointed out that I have the ability to take any 10-minute event and retell it in 20-plus minutes.

Knowing that ‘bit’ about me; let’s continue and “proceed to party” as state the lyrics of the song Red Solo Cup.

A dreamy morning – I woke up at 3:15 this morning thinking that either Interstate 75 had been re-routed past our house or that some massive truck was idling in our drive. It was neither. Rather, it would appear that another member in our household had used the facilities and now the tank was refilling – indefinitely.

I got up and staggered around, fixed the problematic tank, and then found my way downstairs. Somehow, after a glass of water and a banana I must have dozed off on the couch.

The next thing I noticed was that one of the indoor plants had its leaves moving about as if a steady wave of air was coming past it. I got up and checked it out and sure enough the basement door was open.

You must realize that the basement door I saw was at the bottom of the stairs to our outside walk-in basement – of a home from which we moved 19 years ago. Now in a dream, all this makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Then I saw two kids running in and out playing tag. About this time, getting ready to tell them to get lost, I spotted their mom. She was half hidden behind a huge load of laundry. In fact, there were three other ladies in the basement and everyone was doing laundry. They mentioned that they had discovered that the back door had been unlocked for weeks and since the washer and dryer were never in use at night it was just too perfect an opportunity. And, no matter what I said, they were not about to leave. In fact, those kids kept on running in and out playing with greater vigor and laughing ever louder.

About that time I woke up. Did I mention that we had the grand kids over several days this week?

Weekends – Even though our weather has been unseasonably warm it is still the Christmas season. Shopping has been in fits and starts. Twice over I’ve stepped out for almost half a day only to return with a, well researched, but single gift.
However, we do know that it’s holiday time as the weekend begin to fill with gatherings. This week it was an evening with Tevita and Adrianne and their gang to enjoy the Zoo’s Festival of Lights, complete with Vai taking a bit of time to roast marshmallows over an open fire.

Tonight we’ll enjoy en evening with former work-mates and friends. This evening’s festivities will be held at Peterloon. Peterloon was an estate built by the founder of Emery Chemical Company (now Emery Industries)in a manor which “rivaled the grandest houses of Europe and America.” Upon the death of the Emery’s their home was made available as an events center. What makes it interesting is that everything in the home was left in place – as if they had stepped out for the evening, down to the socks in a dresser drawer. Should be a great time.

Fini –We are also hard at work planning for a springtime trip to visit Austin. The way to best accomplish this has Marcia feverishly exploring all the ways to make the travel portion doable and enjoyable—no stone is left unturned.

Make it a great week. Happy shopping, and stay safe! This week, a happy birthday to Donn. And, to my uncle Joop, who at age 97 is recovering from a second broken hip; you’re ever in our thoughts.

(This week’s archives point out that life does proceed in circles doesn’t it? Especially considering that our latest University of Cincinnati Bearcats football coach just bailed for Tennessee.)



From the Archives
Saturday, December 12, 2009

From a winter’s snap returned ‘Nati, good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:
“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” — John Lennon

The amazing happened this week. No, not the Tiger Woods debacle, the one where he turned from being a sleek hunting dog to a ‘birder’ to one sorry old beast who now just sits in a corner licking himself. But, first let me pour my mug. For, it was Alphonse Allais who said; that coffee is the beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank—and it is early.

This past week, the 10th to be exact, it was exactly one year ago that Vaioleti came home. Then 7-pounds 6-ounces she had spent three months plus in the neonatal intensive care unit at Good Samaritan hospital. At the NICU she demonstrated just how much of a combination of both patience and fight she had in her. She had entered the world at 26 weeks and weighed 1-pound 14-ounces. To put it into perspective, her torso was about the size of a Blackberry.

Thursday Adrianne took her in for her regularly scheduled checkup. Now, at a healthy 20-pounds and 7-ounces, she has caught up to where any other 15-month old tyke operates. In fact, in most of the measurable categories, she is in the middle of the pack. Plus, she is in love with life, is happy, and now that she is walking is driving Adrianne and Tevita ragged exploring everything.

Since much of our extended family reads this weekly post I want to thank all of you for your ongoing involvement in Vai’s saga. Your concern, care, love, and prayers have in no small part gotten her to this point. I’ll ask Vai to pick up her favorite Bengal’s orange “roaring” towel to frantically scream and wave it at you. She is very good at that.

Later today Marcia and I are heading over to my former employer’s Christmas party. Now that they don’t have to pay me any more they extended an invitation in appreciation. We, in turn, are taking Vaioleti along for a bit of ‘show-and-tell’. Actually there is more to it. Us taking Vai gives Adrianne and Tevita some free time to further organize for their trip and possibly see the new movie Invictus with its close-up of Tevita’s favorite sport, Rugby. Starting on Thursday and ending Saturday evening—the three of them are flying off to the south Pacific and Tonga.

It’s been three years since Tevita has seen his family, and his mom has never seen Vai. Then there is the Tongan tradition where it’s a ‘blow-out’ feast/party for the 1-year old (after which birthdays are minimally recognized); so this is now Vai’s time. From early reports family from all over the nation and even from New Zealand will travel to Tevita’s island of Okoa. Friends and neighbors will be part of the festivities—they are estimating over 200 people. A special birthday cake will be flown in from the capital (this is where the bakery is) and the pigs were bred months ago to provide for the requisite “Umu” (barbeques).

Delta with their horrible ‘pay-per-bag’ policy will be making out like a bandit (which they are) as Adrianne and Tevita are packing bags filled to bulging with gifts. At least their main carrier, Air Pacific, doesn’t nickel and dime you to oblivion. Anyway, to say that the little group is excited is an understatement.

The Chump!

A day ago the coach of the University Cincinnati Bearcats, head coach Brian Kelly, coughed up a hairball and in the clumsiest way possible informed the team that he was off to Notre Dame (a smallish private catholic school located in Indiana’s ‘snow-belt’ just outside South Bend).

Cincinnati, undefeated and the nation’s 3rd rated team, got whacked a broadside just as the players are preparing for the biggest game of their lives: the Sugar Bowl. I say clumsy, especially since just days earlier Kelly had informed the team he wasn’t leaving, “Cincinnati would not be just a stepping stone”. Looking back over the week Kelly masterfully ‘parsed’ (read: lied) his words—Bill Clinton could take lessons. He handled his decision to move in the most classless manner possible.

Oh I know that college sports is a mega-million dollar business and that people want to advance themselves. However, not being a house-man, let me say that it seems that the current crop of senior managers, in both sports and business life, want to ‘climb’ the easy way, roughshodily elbowing their way to the top. These days rarely does anyone see the likes of a “Bear” Bryant, coach of Alabama’s Crimson Tide and a Eddie Robinson who for 56 years was the head coach at historically black Grambling State University. Or the Green-Bay Packer’s Vince Lombardy, the UK Wildcats and their coach Adolf Rupp, and Penn State’s Nittany Lions coach Joe Paterno; these all created their era, and their aura. Through time, dedication, and by strength of character they did both, establish a legacy and be true and honest on the way.

To my friends at Notre Dame, should you spot a letter to coach Kelly with a return address showing the New England Patriots pitch it immediately. I know it’s illegal, but do it anyway. If you don’t he’ll be on his way to Boston before you can refill your coffee. But, possibly by then his egomania will have surfaced and maybe that is exactly what you would want to happen.

I am somewhat afraid for I have never done this before, just moments ago I cast the terrible “Gerry Faust” hex on Brian Kelly.

Make it a great week everyone. Now its off to the Post Office before the line snakes out of the door and into the cold.



One Response to “Here today and g…….”
  1. Pieter Says:

    So now you are waiting for people to interpret your dreams.
    let me begin –
    The door represented Marcia and the stairs down to her womb.
    You are seeing your children and now you understand they will always interrupt your life. The lady hiding is Omi – chuckling “I told you so”. In the dream Marcia is not in sight (since you are technically in her womb – Marcia is looking at maps to see which route is the best so you can see more children – and yes Marcia is also chuckling “I told you so”.
    The fact that you visualized a house from the past also represents your longing to go back, or, your short term memory is shot