Happy Saturday all:

Weekly Mothers Day quote:

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.” Calvin Trillin

Happy Mothers Day to every mom. In my own case, mom raised four hellions as a young widow. Now, looking back, I have no idea how she did it. No girls in the family to temper things with some grace and delight, just four boys who only knew that “trouble” was spelled with a capital ‘T’.

I remember when grocery stores started dispensing plastic bags. In our case mom brought several home, calmly stating that she had no intention to suffocate any of us, they were simply there to keep us fresh.

All right, now the coffee should be ready. A short break and I’ll plow on.

Continuing on my “mom” theme; family decisions of scope are always made in greater detail. With mom’s input the importance of anything seems to be thought through more thoroughly. The example of early medieval wars can be brought into play. Foreign wars involved what the Brits call, the Exchequer, and were quite detailed events. They knew what was going on; moms fill that exchequer role to perfection.

Now take a situation where dad heads out and on a spur of the moment whim will proceed with something. Like a medieval king on some domestic quest, he’d just reach into his war chest and remove some coins. In the coin’s place bits of IOU style paper were inserted; and it didn’t take long for those receipts to disappear.

Wait a minute, wrong metaphor, that was meant to apply to political and government situations. On second thought, it does also apply to family. It does show that moms are critical to keeping the household on an even keel.

The school play – Yesterday afternoon, umbrella in hand, I made the four minute trek to Dinah’s school. Her Kindergarten class was putting on their end of the school-year play. The play lasted about seven minutes with Dinah in the lead role (she thrives on that stuff).

Meanwhile, Marcia was out and about on her thirty-eighth shopping event; more stuff for our summer Northern Comfort needs and also for a neighborhood gathering last evening. We both came home at the same time. Marcia wanted the fine points.

I set out detailing the little play. Whoa. Marcia stressed for me not to re-enact the WHOLE play, just synopsize and then talk about important things like; who all was there. A little more carefully this time I stepped out again, thinking that this time I’d just ‘skim’ through the play. Whoa. Apparently, again, way too much detail. My third attempt had me convinced that Marcia just plain tuned me out.

For we guys, at least this one, it’s very difficult to hit that right stride.

In any case, Dinah was a wonderful spider and she wove a magnificent spiderweb. There, was that short enough?

Neighborhood discussions – As is always the case, for me it’s great to chat with friends and neighbors. Last evening was another such a time. What makes it even better is the mix of viewpoints brought on by varying viewpoints as we were from all over the political spectrum.

We’ve had a recent home burglary which occurred a block and a half from our house. What makes it different is that the police received five 911 calls from different homes as people saw the activity and thought it “just not right.” That says something about the involvement in our neighborhood. Then also, we have an ongoing heroin drug trade activity on our streets – we’re told that it’s an epidemic. Buyers come from the suburbs and from out of state and the sellers from the inner city. The trade is made where we live because it’s quiet and open. Naturally all this business was the hot topic of the evening.

What became even more interesting is that when all was said and done just how closely we all aligned in perceiving the root cause behind all of this activity as it relates to socio economic conditions and their origins in government policies implemented over the years – especially impacting larger urban areas.

Continuing that discussion a bit further I mentioned that yesterday morning I received word that I am under ‘caution’ for glaucoma. I then went on to say that my brother in California has an identical diagnosis, except his doctor advised him to “smoke two or three joints a week,” something my doctor is forbidden to advise me in our state.

What made it interesting was that from the most liberal to the most conservative all agreed that the time had come to change the current Marijuana laws; to move matters from the political to a medical and controlled distribution scheme.

It was a fun evening.

Animal planet100_1456 – The local hawks are constantly on the hunt, busily taking care of their fledglings. Throughout all that activity this little guy appears unconcerned and totally at home in our backyard, the nibbling just never stops.

Fini –Make it a great week everyone. I hope that everyone gets to celebrate mom’s special day!

Next week my post will be a bit ‘iffy’. Tuesday a totally loaded pickup truck pulling a Dolly towing the little Duck will be heading north – Northern Comfort will be open for business! Access to the internet will be sporadic – just warning you.

Cheers and, once more, happy Mothers Day Marcia.

From the Archives
Saturday, May 13, 2006
Morning all:

Shang has a new lease on life—one that he loves. Translating his dog years into a human format places him in his forties. This means that walks are great but the naps that follow are even better. The weather has gotten dramatically cooler and breezier, something I love and something he loves even more. This means that at night the bedroom windows are open and the 45 degree air blows around. I have noticed that the cats are no-where to be found and Shang, rather than laying around downstairs, now flops down right under the open window.

It’s not quite dawn and just time for a quick coffee and then the rest of the pot is going into the thermos, some cereal and a banana and the race is on—literally. Today is the first day of the racing season. The horn will sound at one-thirty so that means that Pat and I will be on the water by nine to get a shakedown cruise under our belt. The goal will be to work in some hard tacks, and get a feel for this week’s course. My assignment is to man and trim the Genoa (front sail) which is the primary sail for providing the driving force and control the heel of the boat. Weather you ask? Rain and a high of 55º – I have my fingers crossed for some decent air.

Our little neighborhood is a bit of a construction zone. Repaving the street is done, all except for a finishing layer. Currently much of the curbing is being replaced. Each corner is being fitted with an extra-wide proper handicapped curb access. Inserted on the sloping part at each corner is a 3 foot by 2 foot red ‘tile’ that has small friction bumps all over. I am not complaining mind you, but I would like to find out what the city’s definition of ‘overkill’ is. Anyway, a tip of my hat to whoever sold the million or so red tiles being installed throughout the city, I am jealous. Did I hear you say that property taxes must be going up next year?

Word filtered back to, the presently living under the palm trees, Marcia about my meal preparation efforts in her absence. Specifically that earlier this week I fixed Salmon, mushrooms, fried rice, and beets-sorbet. What she did not quite grasp is something that highly paid chefs do all the time; they make lemonade out of lemons. Oh, the meal was really very nice. The one problem was that the beets were still cold in the middle: now for the lemonade part, all it required was a simple name change, and I like sorbet.

Playing bachelor these weeks has me out and about a bit more. Last Saturday it was lending a hand refurbishing Bellevue Park. Lots of people and lots of fun, but none working harder than young Marin. Sunday morning I scooted over to Hyde Park to watch some of the 11,000 runners participating in the annual Flying Pig marathon. Lots of people, music, and definitely a ‘thundering herd’ when the first large pack came cruising by.

Tomorrow it’s Mother’s Day and for empty nesters it is a different event than when the kids were still in the house. Bill Cosby once said “human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home.” Just to make sure that that would not happen Marcia headed off for Florida to spend Mother’s Day (and quite a few more) with Kirstin and the family. Sooo, I guess that at this end I can give some thought to one of George Burns’ pearls of wisdom: “happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” I wish a special day filled with memories to all the ladies in the family, I am thinking about you all, and a special happy Mothers Day Marcia!

Make it a great week everyone and may each day be very special.

5/13/2006 05:51:00 AM

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  1. Pieter pastoor Says:

    Great update – aren’t get together with neighbors a hoot – you might even learn something – have a super weekend