Happy Saturday morning all:

A new insight from deep within the shadows of the foothills of the La Cloche mountains:

“Even when wandering these great forests, remember you’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it” ~ our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

Isn’t it crazy? Here you are reading the six-hundredth of these inconsequential ramblings. Yes, we really do all have a spark of madness in us – me for spending over twelve years of my Saturday mornings preparing this babble – you for spending over twelve years reading the stuff. What a club, yes, what a club; with coffee in hand we’re all connected. Thanks!

Oh, go ahead. Lift your coffee mugs high and join me in yelling loudly; “DC”. Whoops, since many of you know how I feel about a certain geographic region and its denizens; I am talking numbers here. So, please, no “huh?”

Also, I’m drinking a new coffee, roasted in Austin, TX called, Ruta Maya—it’s outstanding! Thanks Pieter.

Prudent? Hah! – Between some really changeable weather I took the kayak out for a run. Based on the approaching cloud formations I figured I had maybe an hour before the wind would kick up and maybe a bit more rain would stream in.

Prudent, would have me running circles in the cove out front—at the ready for a quick dash to shelter. I am not very prudent. I found a rhythm paddling and quickly realized that I had entered the main part of the lake. Some sense crept in and so I began scooting a bit further south along the shore.

100_1630It was there that I found it. What I spotted sitting on some other debris was THE piece of driftwood of the season. Bar none. Throwing a line on the bleached wood I towed it back.

Yes, I did beat the heavy weather. Marcia was delighted. I stared prudency in the eye and it blinked.

We’ll spend time studying the piece and deciding how to manage it. I think it perfect for a north-west coast totem-like motif. Marcia prefers a modern approach done in bright colors. We’re taking votes. In any case, eventually we’ll make it so that you’ll see the outcome.

Lost Puppy – is Marcia’s new name for moi. Our summer visitors have come and gone—program director duties are ended. Major planned projects are all complete—most completed successfully including the installation of the new Patio Door (thanks Donn). Picture 033Even Paul and his projects have come and gone. And, it’s a wee bit too early to get serious about closing Northern Comfort down for the winter. What to do?

I hate to get started on a new read, only to have to park it for a week or two. Sudoku? Yup, I’d love that, but I was informed that our new magnetic Sudoku game should probably remain sealed till next season. So? So, I have resorted to creating lists. Name the list and somewhere on my system is an Excel sheet which fits the bill.

Next? My latest plan is to start stuffing green olives with Blue Cheese—this as a contingency should someone drop in. Should I complete that in a timely manner I have a follow-up plan to carry me into pack-up time. My next plan is to dive into my closet and grab any and all pairs of shoes that are well beyond a “camp stompers” state and prepare them for a trip to the dump.

We’re ready to head home. Also, I really do need a haircut.

Animal planet – “Fer sure” the locals would say when bringing up the incoming roar of fall weather; heavy fog, strong winds, and inch after inch of rain. To the point that many nearby roads were closed to traffic due to wash-outs; including the complete shutdown of the Trans-Canada highway at several locations between Iron Bridge and Wawa (still shut down this morning as we found out).

Then the heat and humidity shuffled off to the east. The winds turned and started coming from the north. Yesterday morning the temperature ranged between 40 and 42. Dutifully I did my three mile morning walk, complete with a runny nose as my new walking buddy (sorry Dia and Marlene). I was wearing my nylon shell and wool cap and quite happy about that. Approaching our drive, in the woods to my west I heard a bellow. Unless there was a domestic cow stuck in the forest, I am certain that I heard a Moose calling. Good stuff.

IMG_2270Fini – Another year and another anniversary – happy anniversary Adrianne and Tevita.

Next Saturday Marcia and I will join in on a local Arts tour. With fall colors quicklySylvan-tour coming to a pinnacle this tour will have 47 artists displaying at 12 different locations—many offering snacks and lunch. Driving our little Deux Chevaux on what, hopefully, will be a glorious fall day while simultaneously taking in the artistic diversity of the region has me excited. These Ramblings could be a bit late.

Make it a great week everyone.



From the Archives
Saturday, September 06, 2003

Morning all:

A bit of a first. Number one, it is somewhat later than usual for these things with the blame placed solely on the weather – it is perfect. Blue skies and 57 degrees; translate that to “perfect sleeping weather”. Therefore it was so very easy to grab a few extra winks and sleep in a bit. So coffee in hand, still wearing my summertime Saturday shorts, but now also with a light sweatshirt, let me start rambling.

This is the time of year where on the Pastoor side of the family there are grouped a number of birthdays. One of those would have been 92 on the first of the month and that is our ‘Omi’. This week we were reviewing some old cassettes and ran across one where she could be heard. Within ten seconds she managed to get her little ‘dig’ in to let people know she was in charge; it was so typical and in my mind’s eye I could see Jeanne start to get red from the neck up. You had to love her for managing to raise, survive and even thrive as a widowed single parent for nearly 50 years; especially raising a cast of characters such as her crew of four. Maybe this early season change also means that it is a good time to do a little reflecting.

Tonight I will more than likely head out on a solo venture. I have made the offer to both Marcia and Adrianne, even going so far as to offer that it become a ladies-night-out and have Marcia, Cathy, and Adrianne enjoy themselves. Alas, it will be me, but a great time lies in store. What is this event? A benefit concert with about seven performers doing some solo stuff without their normal bands backing them, then jamming as they get together. This will be a combination of Blues, Bluegrass, and Folk. Headlining are a couple of ladies about to break through into the national music scene, Karin Berquist of Over The Rhine, Katie Laur of The Katie Laur Band, but also including singer/songwriters such as Ma Crow, Janet Pressley, and Kim Taylor, and Maurice Mattei. Aren’t you jealous?

Nothing that much new on the family side. Kirstin sent over a couple of great pictures of little Derek eating grapes with his baby-safe muncher. You know what this will lead to, next thing you know he’ll be drinking the ’juice of the grape’ – get my drift? Marin is growing and I got to hold him through most of a dinner we had still celebrating Adrianne’s birthday. Mentioning Adrianne, she had a long phone conversation with the Peace Corps and over the next week will have to give her answer as to which region she wants to select for placement from the ones they discussed. Decisions, decisions huh.

Now, time to get started on the day, but first another cup of coffee. Have a great week.


9/06/2003 04:15:00 PM

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    600 – a great accomplishment – congrat – keep on blogging – have a safe trip home

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