Happy Saturday morning and wishing all a great 2014:
            an observation from one of our treasured poets:

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, well, well, no, there was no illness last week, just a houseful of little ones and grown kids. It was glorious! Hence, I missed doing my weekly post – one of the very few I’ve missed.

This morning, after a full eight hours of sleep, all I could hear is the furnace cranking away somewhere in the bowels of the house and now and then the old homestead creaking as it complains about the bitter cold. In any case, my coffee is steaming hot and my head is filled with fresh memories of a wonderful week. It’s a good beginning to 2014.

A birthday and a lodge – Marcia began the year by celebrating one of those special birthdays. the lodgeBack in early October there occurred a flurry of conversations, all purportedly to begin planning a proper celebration for the birthday event. Eventually, the plan was narrowed down to a single location – the large A-frame lodge at our nearby Hueston Woods Park.

Since everyone would be there we decided to combine the entry into the New Year with the birthday merriment – a wise move.

Merely an hour after arriving at the place Dinah and Vai were busily at work creating their own puppets under the creative eye of park staff. This was going to be good!

We had a series of adjoining rooms with the typical cut-through. That architectural feature was put to great use by each of the grandkids – morning and night.

From that point on there was no stopping the fun. I have never seen the grandkids so excited, so engaged, so full of spirit. Even moms and dads barely ever got to say the dreaded; “stop it!” line—it was so good.

I just under two days we had hikes, Frisbee golf, bow target shooting, family meals, family games, swimming, and the winning of a ton of prizes in the arcade, and on and on it went. We can’t forget the stunning, unplanned, mud slide Vai made which did require a top-to-bottom change of clothes.

And, just how often can you sit at breakfast and watch a Bald Eagle perch on a nearby tree?

Then, after we managed to slip-slide home through the freshly fallen snows the fun continued with sledding and s’mores made in the fire pit. What a weekend it was.

Next time we’re there we’ll have to try the one thing we skipped on this weekend, the Paintball Course.

IMG_6385     IMG_6355

cousins at bowling     1506715_10203122492249098_1832654032_n

1530365_10203131200906809_1724360658_n      940803_10203122440607807_866807934_n


Fini – Now it’s time to get ready to head out for another one of those property showings. It’s like they say; “all it takes is one”, but which one. Currently Marcia and I feel like we’ve had one too many.

To all of the extended family (primarily in Michigan) down with the flu- get better soon.

Make it a great week everyone.

From the Archives
Saturday, January 01, 2005
Happy New Year all:

My mug of java is raised as a salute to a great beginning for the New Year. First, thankfully we got to talk with Adrianne who made it back safe and sound from scurrying about various islands in the South Pacific in a small kayak. Secondly, the first news I heard upon waking up was that of a crying baby. It was the cry of the first baby born in 2005 in the most devastated area of Sri Lanka. To me it symbolized new life and new beginnings. In that spirit, may peace, health, family, and friends surround and be part of you this coming year.

Last week, in a wrap-up for 2004, ABC named “The Blogger” as one of their outstanding people for 2004. And it is true; anymore my news comes from the internet, oftentimes hours or sometimes days ahead of the main news sources. For example, to get instant updates, first hand reports, photos, and video from the Tsunami just log on to: technorati and enter a key word, or kinja. New directions, innovations oftentimes can be first seen at: boing-boing. We all have our favorite sites, each have enabled the world to shrink and connect a bit more.

Since I mentioned the devastation of last week, and should you want to help with the aid efforts currently underway, here is a wonderful site that allows you to properly select the relief agency of your choice: Charity Navigator.

Already mentioned is the fact that last night we talked with Adrianne. She had the time of her life and now we’re waiting for her to describe in her own words her experiences. She did say that there were a few moments where she mumbled to herself; “what did I get into”, as weather turned a bit and the winds picked up. Also, it was a bit different for us to be talking with her an hour before our New Year when she was just finishing up an afternoon nap on her New Year’s day. We’ve already exchanged New Years greetings with the Briones gang and now Marcia and I are starting to look forward to our visit with them. Then tomorrow it’s enjoying dinner with Jason, Cathy, and Marin. So, about the only thing left to say is:

Happy Birthday Marcia, here’s to you!

Have a great week and a joyous New Year.

1/01/2005 09:57:00 AM

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