Happy Saturday morning:

a thought:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Today it’s officially the beginning of summer. In the north woods that means light till ten in the evening and bright sunrise by six in the morning. Therefore, early as it is, I am enjoying my second White Castle mug of White Castle coffee.

Another forty-five minutes and I’ll hightail it down to the south end of the lake to join Marlene in our daily three-mile walk.

Last year Marlene got us bright green reflective safety vests. Now we are such a common sight that the log-truck and chip-truck drivers view us as part of some road gang and give us a wide courtesy berth and a wave. Combine that with cool morning air and a rousing chorus from a pond full of bull frogs all makes for a great start to the day.

Troika time – Last evening it dawned on me that this is an unusual week. Most of you are aware that I am up at Northern Comfort while Marcia is still enjoying some massive heat back in the ‘Nati.

So, lest you think that I’m striving to turn into some type of hermit or anchorite, things happen to be going rather well. In no small part it’s due to the fact that I have wonderful neighbors. Notably D & M at the south end of the lake, B & N in the cove, and D & J around the bend. Normally we all are busy with friends and family. This week all is quiet as we are the only ones here. And so, I’ve been able to divvy up my time into periods of solitude mixed with time with these folk. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Still with us – mosquitoes is what I am talking about. I can sit in the cabin and look out over a stunningly lovely and peaceful lake. Yet, step out and an organized attack is immediately under way.

Yesterday my upkeep-of-the-yard duties just had to be taken care of. So, it was in full battle gear that I set out with the trusty weed-whacker. There were a couple of superficial battle wounds, but in the end I had won the war. Our little patch in the woods looks pretty good too.


Animal Planet – The Hummingbirds are hard at work wooing their ladies. This takes place by performing high-speed, 15 foot high, diving swoops. All this takes a lot of energy and so I am watching our feeder being emptied for the second time.

DSCF0706Remember that old question; where does a bear sh*t, and the standard answer; in the wood. Now you can include; “on the highway” as a response.

Thursday D & M and I made our first around the lake ATV trip of the year. As Marlene said; this trip really became the beginning of the season.

What was especially interesting on this jaunt was the fact that along a mile-and-a-half mile run over the logging road on the north end of the lake we counted just about a dozen piles of bear scat – these were either one or two days old. I suspect that we either have a single bear with serious issues or, if not, that we better keep the bear spray at hand.

Crazy. This week I heard that in our effort to reach “energy independence” we now have an available Natural Gas supply which will last a couple of centuries. So, I was somewhat chagrinned when, mid-grill, the tank ran empty.

Fini – Summer must be in full swing. Derek and Kellen, and Marin and Dinah will all begin summer camp this Monday. I’ll be excited to hear what all they learned.

DSCF0694This morning it will be my second auction since I came up. A week ago it was a farm auction, today it’ll be held at the ice rink in town. These events are as much social events as anything else; great for people watching.

This evening it’ll be an evening at the Iron Bridge Music Fest. The fest will be from 2:00pm till 1:00am (we’ll only be there for a few hours) and offer a rotating series of bands and differing styles of music. Last time I was in that arena the massive Shania Twin act signs were still hanging. Realize that Iron Bridge is a town of a few hundred so this is really big time stuff.

Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.

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