Happy Saturday morning:

from a twisting-and-turning-due-to-frost-heave Northern Comfort, a thought:

“Money won’t buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem” ~ Bill Vaughan

Luckily Paul was up north; without him being here I would have struggled more than I did when arriving at Northern Comfort after a 12-hour drive. The door was jammed so tight that the key could not be turned. It required Paul’s 10-ton bottle jack to lift a corner of the cabin and thus allow the door to free itself. Frost Heave is an amazing phenomenon—you should study it.

This post is a first after a two-week hiatus – and yes, my coffee finished perking so all is ready. With our ongoing Real Estate matters it was decided that I would open up Northern Comfort. Marcia would stay back a bit and deal with the R.E. stuff. OK, so I am leading up to some sort of excuse – the quick answer is that I forgot the power cord to my laptop. Due to forgetfulness I have been off-line since my arrival. D & M, thanks for bringing the cord and Marcia for mailing it to them.

So this is a first – I had never missed two postings in a row since starting these Saturday epistles Ramblings.

Snow-Pack – After a number of mild winters the North Woods has reverted back to what was considered normal by locals such as Claire.

Folk from these parts talk about snow-pack removal as a mid-winter activity. Armed with a long-handled contraption snow is pulled from the roof; a 4’ to 5’ feet layer of the stuff. They then mention that the fallen snow forms a high enough bank so that they’re able to bypass the ladder and step right off the roof onto the snow and down to the ground.

Nobody is at Northern Comfort to partake in this activity. Not to worry; the place has a strong metal roof. But, metal roofs and the rafters supporting it do flex.

Our kitchen at the cabin ‘had’ a large 8’ long florescent light fixture (which Marcia hated). The previous owner had screwed it into place across the width of the kitchen – see where this is heading?

Cabin damage 2

The snow-pack caused flexing of the roof pulled the screws from the one side out of the pine-boards forming the ceiling. It smashed into the center counter – breaking, glass florescent tubes exploded, baskets Marcia had hanging on it flew around, and stored pans flipped onto the floor.

That mess, along with our 17’ Folbot Kayak (which we over-winter in the kitchen) is what greeted me as the recalcitrant kitchen door finally popped open. Remember, after 12 hours of driving, with the winter window shutters still on and the electricity off, Paul’s jacking of the cabin, and a cloud of Mosquitoes eagerly waiting to enter the place; this chaos was observed by a small bit of light coming through the door. Welcome to Northern Comfort – summer season 2014 had begun.

Borgen – The DVD case says “Top Flight Drama” as a quote from author Stephen King, Pieter said it was great – so he sent me season 1 of this Danish Political Drama.

As a treat I place a new episode into the player, one per evening. That’s when I become immersed in the juggling acts required from the first Danish female Prime Minister. It’s wonderful—even with English subtitles.

Since we have no live TV at Northern Comfort each one-hour episode is eagerly looked forward to. Now it’s down to the season finale. I’ve held off watching it till tonight so that it’ll be a special Saturday evening for me. Care to join?

Animal Planet – After the season closing of the cabin winter takes over. Cabin damage 4The photo is an example of what then goes on. It shows our sturdy lake-side bird house after winter snow and ice storms wreak their damage by stripping the paint right off the thing. It would be impressive seeing those storms barrel through.

There truly is a bumper crop of Mosquitoes in the North Woods. Any outdoor work requires netting gear. With doors open while unloading the truck, my first evening at Northern Comfort found me smacking the little buggers, one after another, after another, and another; almost 40 of them. Then came time to wash walls and vacuum floors—this place could have been a Zoo exhibit.

The Loons are on the water, and I’ve seen ‘stringers’ of Canadian Geese; some flying over in formation and one formation landing on the lake for their night’s rest.

Oh yes, this morning, June 14th, the thermometer is almost touching 40F and I’ve switched on the little Lasko space-heater.

Fini – Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.

Thursday Vai and Vili will embark on a visit of a lifetime as they, plus mom and dad, will visit family in Tonga. We’ll see how they fare after a day plus of flying. Have a wonderful visit you guys, can’t wait for the reports.

Yesterday I helped my neighbor with some work at his place and then hightailed it to the other end of the lake to watch Holland play Spain in the World Cup. When the sports desk folk become speechless you know you’ve just watched something special. Special it was; Holland 5 Spain 1 – a blowout not often seen.


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    Keep up the battle – When will Marcia be joining you?