Happy Saturday morning:

A new insight from deep within the shadows of the foothills of the La Cloche mountains:

“In camp it’s a well-known fact that a successful man is one who can lay his cabin’s foundation with the stones others have thrown at him.” ~ our north woods everyman we’ll call Claire

haven’t seen much of Claire this season. It’s probably due to his committee work with the Ontario Fur Manager’s Federation. You know the one; their slogan is “Wild Fur Only – Anything Else is Not Natural.”

He was excited to be able to personally invite me to this year’s general meeting, the 2014 Trapper Convention. It’ll be held next month in Blind River which is only about an hour’s drive away.

I’m planning to attend. I love demonstrations, events such as a hatchet toss, pole climbing, and log sawing, an auction, and of course the mandatory fish fry.

Anyway, I just know that the time is coming near for Marcia to head for Northern Comfort. A couple of days ago the discussion turned to whether or not we had enough of our White Castle coffee to last the season. Answer; she is bringing another three pounds. With that tit-bit in mind I’ll pour another cup.

Oh that slow pace – I have called the recommended contractor to look at and possibly provide a solution to stabilize Northern Comfort from the annual frost heave. In fact, I’ve called four times. Donn also needs some work done and has called at least twice. I’ve actually talked to the owner of the outfit. Still have to see anyone. In these parts time runs on a different clock than the one I am used to.

Early this week the one Pizza parlor in T-town burned. The place was located on the main drag and about two blocks away from the fire station. The place burned to the ground. Getting a response takes a wee bit longer here, any response. Love it or you’ll go crazy.

Puddingstone Lake – It would not be a new season in the north woods were it not for the 20+ mile ATV run to Puddingstone Lake – a fly-in only place. I am not certain whether or not it’s an aging thing or whether the trail is getting more and more difficult. This year we had some of us exclaiming that this was their final run. DSCF0778Actually the “this was my final Puddingstone ride” is a club started by and promoted by Marcia.

Twice over one of the machines had to be rescued from a bit of Muskeg by being winched back to solid ground – mine included. Actually it’s not the bogs that make the ride a rough one. It’s the ‘terracing’ of the rock formations. Since my ATV is a two wheel drive vehicle I’ve developed a trick. My trick is to jump off while holding the brake and accelerating while pushing on the handlebars, this as the machine ‘steps’ a ledge. Yup, made it up every one.

DSCF0779Actually, what is amazing is that over such a short distance the landscape becomes totally different. Near the lake it becomes evident that we’re in the middle of the Canadian Shield and the amazing rock formations that jut up. The two large rocks visible in the photo are each the size of a multi-story house.


A trim – After posting about the loss of our nearby town’s only hair cutter/stylist, Hans in your Hair, people took pity. So, in short order, a proper venue was created in the clearing by Paul and Dia’s place. Marlene manned scissors and comb (yes it was a complete scissors cut).DSCF0767

At first I was somewhat nervous. Out of the corner of my eye I believe I spotted Turkey Vultures circling about. It crossed my mind that, similar to Shark behavior, all it would take would be a small nick on my ear for them to swoop in. There was nary a nick!

The result was a trim that was as good as I can remember. I have lost my “Professor Emmett Brown” (Christopher Lloyd – Back to the Future) look and now look totally stylish. Thanks Marlene for the cut and Dia for the ‘barber’ chair – I’m still trying to figure out how the pump mechanism works.

Animal Planet – I know that last week I mentioned how the Loons carried on in our cove with their wails. Last Thursday evening at about 9:10 I was relaxing a bit after our punishing ride to Puddingstone Lake, fixing dinner, and washing the ATV. It was then that I noticed that a Loon was drowning out my radio program. Grabbing the camera I recorded about thirty seconds of this Loon’s yodel. Due to size constraints I reduced it to 10 seconds worth. And, apologies for the radio and door creaking noises in the background.

Near the end of the clip you can see the Loon swimming by the distant shore visible as a small white speck against the green in the center of the movie. Loon wail in our cove

Fini – Sunday I’ll be attending tiny Bellingham Church’s Christmas in July service; a bit of a tradition there. Think Christmas carols sung to the strains of an old pump organ. With all the difficulties of winter in these parts and a summer-only crowd it makes perfect sense. Then, as is customary for all these events, there is the follow-up pot-luck meal. I am smiling.

The days are still long in the North Country, till a little after 9:30 pm and dawn around 6:00. Still, today being a New Moon means that being in an area with no ambient light that once it’s dark it’s really very dark; in fact it’s can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face dark.

Make it a great week.


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