Happy Saturday morning. It’s glorious in these parts – especially being alive after Thursday’s ‘incident’:

“My oma is going to get a quad when she gets a little older.” anonymous

I wouldn’t be surprised if that is how the teachers get the story as interpreted by our grandkids after their moms explain that oma and opa flipped off their quad.

Grab an extra mug of coffee and join me in reading; “the rest of the story.”

A Lesson in Safety – There is this line which made the rounds years ago; people who ride quads like it on all fours. Thursday we learned the serious truth of that statement – and that the day before our anniversary.

It’s well known in quad riding circles that there are two types of riders; those who have been run over by their own quad, and those who will be in the future. Yesterday we joined the ranks of the former.

Ok, so what happened  ?

It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature touching 70 degrees. “CHECK”

Assemble a group to both share the beauty of Fall Colors and for security and safety. “CHECK”

Gas up and wear safety gear. “CHECK”

Drive carefully! Drive carefully!

“Dirk, you didn’t place a “CHECK” behind the drive carefully”; you say.

Well, I did not drive carefully that’s why. Approaching a short, steep hill with a washed-out gully in the middle I should have stopped till the quad in front of me had totally cleared. I did not!

I assumed he was going to clear and took a bit of a run at that hill. By the time I realized he was stalled I was fully committed. Here comes the next mistake.

I opted to try and scoot by him on his left. When I realized that wasn’t working it was too steep to hold the quad. These machines do not roll backwards very well. In slow motion I felt it rear backwards and at the same time tip to my right. At that moment I just knew we were not going to make that hill.

Looking up at the sky I saw our Honda quad overhead and my bent legs pointing at the thing. At that instant I gave it the biggest shove that I could muster. So here we were, Marcia on my right and most of the machine angled on my left and across our legs.

Somebody hollered, “turn the engine off.” That I did.

Twenty minutes later we were on our way. Our mistake was to continue riding – for two and a half more hours (that’s the problem when you’re in the middle of nowhere).

Anniversary memory – Somehow yesterday I seemed to be fine – did my walk and while Marcia napped enjoyed a loop in the Kayak. Meanwhile, Marcia, now with her new best friend, Vicodin, is mostly hanging in – super sore rib cage, some bruising, a skinned nose where my helmet hit her face, and absolutely stiff.

So, it was no dancing for us last night – our Anniversary was a cheese meatloaf casserole dinner, and a half glass of wine. Still we mustered a smile; then it was into bed for her – it was barely 7:30.

I celebrated by listening to Friday Night Opry at the Grand Ole Opry on satellite radio.  IMG_2827 (1024x768) One reason for listening was that it was an opportunity to hear the group Alabama Shakes, who we saw with Kirstin and Vince in Austin. Brittany Howard (Lead vocals for the group) opened her set with the line; “gonna miss ya and your Mickey Mau’ tatu’….” It must have a meaning for some since Marcia woke up long enough to listen to the set. For those who missed last year’s photo, here again is my imitation of Brittany.  I love that group!

Town Car Blues – Last weekend, pouring rains, fog, and shrouded deep throughout this mist were the colors. Fall colors which cause folks to stop cold in their tracks. It was our Sylvan Valley Circle Arts tour. Driving 100 kilometers of secondary roads to visit fourteen small community halls and view the works of almost 70 artists. We looked at (and bought a little) of everything from sculpture, weavings, carvings, to paintings.

On that tour, that is when I spotted this little white house and that car.

DSCF1054 - Town Car blues

I was reminded of times years ago driving through the Appalachia coal country and seeing these little shacks complete with a 12-foot diameter TV dish; old appliances in the yard, some type of overstuffed chair on the front porch, a wreck or two, and those dishes. And, I’d imagine the people sitting in some little room watching a tiny television as their only window into the larger world.

The tale surrounding this old Lincoln Town Car has to have some similarity. The car stretches more than the house was wide, and a crudely nailed tarp offering a bit of protection to that beast. Was that the car which every so often would be filled with kids for a trip to town? Was it broken and now just served as a show piece to everyone passing by?

I want to believe that it belonged to some seventeen year-old and was his absolute proudest possession. For that would have been me many years ago.

Animal Planet – Here’s a first. We’ve owned Northern Comfort for six years and this neighbor had never stopped once to give us a howdy-ho. Finishing up dinner earlier this week I happened to look out and through the blinds spotted this Sharp-shinned Hawk. Got one photo before he’d seen enough and took off.

DSCF1067-Sharp-shinned  Hawk

Overlooking the Kynoch Valley


Our lunch break at the side of the Little White River.


Following the power line.


Follow-up to last week’s Bear preparation episode (read post below) there was only one thing left – our spectacular fresh Bear Burger Bonanza. (thanks for hosting Donn and Marlene)


Fini – Happy Anniversary Marcia – Love much! Get better and we’ll celebrate properly.

Make it a great week everyone. Stay safe.



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  1. Pieter Pastoor Says:

    while your imagining the cars history. The tarp is used to hide the car they stole in Scarborough. Coulnt resist – have a great week

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