Happy Saturday morning; so far no rain this early AM.

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Waking up, the first thing I noticed was that the power was on. I’d made the coffee-pot ready last night and so went straight to the kitchen and hit the “on” switch before another brown-out. Hearing the thing perk was a happy sound.

The rains – Rain, fogs, and wind announced that colder fall weather is on its way. The turnaround occupied the last part of the week. Yesterday was the worst.

Rain came in sheets. At times the pounding on the steel roof forced us to talk louder and turn the radio up. The forecast had us expecting about an inch-and-a-half of rain. By mid-morning we’d achieved that goal.

Meanwhile the surrounding woods, especially the tall skinny Birches, were flailing about. The tops would bend at awkward angles and then spring back filling the air behind with falling leaves.

On the lake it was a different story. Our cove is normally one of the calmest spots on the lake. Now it had changed. The wind had generated white caps. Quickly these accelerated to breaking waves with foam blowing off the crests—White Horses were racing on the waters.

Yesterday we had near gale conditions.

The air cracked – Earlier we’d had a small brown-out and I quickly reset the then flashing clocks.

At exactly 12:30, a loud crack occurred somewhere behind Northern Comfort. Instantly we were in the dark.

Five minutes later, wipers on high and headlights on, I headed south on the highway. One, to see what was going on at Donn and Marlene’s, and two, to make a phone call to our power company – Ontario Hydro-1.

All was well at the south end. The Power Company’s automated system had my issue entered into their system in no time. Forty-five minutes later a robo-call informed me that our power had been restored (the breaker at the transformer had blown). Isn’t it amazing that here, miles from any town and in the midst of a storm, they had us up and running in just over an hour.

I was back to resetting the flashing clocks.

A few more tiny brown outs eventually had me sit back and just watch the blinking displays—I had given up. This morning they were still not set and we had power. I now firmly believe that as long as I leave them alone we’ll be OK.

This morning, even though the winds and rains have eased somewhat, we have electricity. This has me fully convinced that it all has something to do with the resetting of our clocks. “Hands off” is my current (pun) motto.

Closing Northern Comfort – This is our final week in the north woods. Early in the week I took the Sea Nymph for its final run and then pulled it out for the season. I picked the perfect day to do this since the very next day the weather began rolling in.

Wearing my rain slicks I did manage to haul the shutters to the front and store the dock’s decking.

The little Deux Chevaux has been tucked away as have the boats.

Marcia, with the aid of an array multi-colored pills (as a result of our ATV spill), is doing well enough to have started on packing and storing. Since the cabin will be worked on later this month (front will be lifted) she has begun to pull breakables from their spots-of-honor on the walls.

Packing is also a little bit more critical this year since next Saturday we’ll be in Traverse City for Nick and Emily’s wedding. This requires us to access “duds” for the event.

DSCF1155-Waubgeshig Rice reading LegacyWith all the going’s-on we did manage to spend a delightful evening in town. A young Ojibwe author, Waubgeshig Rice, held readings from his new book, Legacy.DSCF1159-Au Sables Connection 2 Then, four young women going by the name of the Au Sables Connection entertained with Celtic music. Their eleven year old violinist was AMAZING! It’s remarkable the talent hidden in these north woods.

But, even with all that going on Marcia and I celebrated two events with dinner at the “new” Peppermill Restaurant. As luck would have it Donn and Marlene joined us. The two events? Our belated wedding Anniversary dinner delayed due to the unfortunate ATV turnover and the one-week anniversary of that flip.


Animal Planet – Last Sunday I spotted a beautiful Bald Eagle enter the cove. It alighted in the top of a tree directly across from me. To my delight it stayed there for some time. It was not till I went to get the camera and the tripod that it took off.

Remember the Bear from a few weeks ago? I had dumped a few left over ‘bits’ across the highway from us. Daily I would make a status check. Mid-week I took a look and nothing, not even a hint that anything had been there. Nature has a superbly efficient carrion cleaning system.

Earlier this summer mother Merganser duck and her brood of twenty some would paddle by. This week she came by again, with seven remaining young. Nature is tough.


Fini – Our laugh this week came from, now in First Grade, Vai as related by mom Adrianne through Facebook:

“So my daughter informed me that she MUST wear all pink tomorrow to support all the people who have Lice in their hair. I’m thinking there was some type of Communication Breakdown.”
(later, followed up with: )
:She became quite upset when I laughed and told me that this is serious. People can’t get those bugs out!!! And of course she is wearing pink today.”

I’ll try to create a post sometime next weekend. It’ll be difficult though; Friday pack the truck, Saturday drive to Traverse City Michigan for the wedding, Sunday the drive home.

Now post, our last run to the local dump, and then we’re of on an Agri-Tour of St. Joseph Island to be followed by a dinner-dance at the Legion Hall in town.

Make it a great week everyone. Stay safe.



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