Happy mid-winter Saturday – this week I got summonsed for Jury Duty. Research tells me that to get out of serving I must preface my every answer with;

“according to the prophecy.” Over my morning coffee I’ve developed another strategy; just wear my old Citizen on Patrol toque.

Jury Duty  Actually, our county Jury system is still run as if we lived in the mid-fifties. My response had to be signed and mailed back (this meant a trip to the Post Office to buy a lousy stamp) – I am certain that this county has at least twelve folk with access to the internet. Serving here is for a two-week stint. And each day when I have to report in, it’s to a downtown location by 8:30 – by the time all is said or done, even if sent home, it’ll butcher the better part of one’s morning.

Such a level of inconvenience will only serve to create an atmosphere of “guilty-to-all” by all of the austere assembled members of the Jury pool. Everyone will be guilty; defendant or prosecutor, it doesn’t matter which.

OK, all this mess is pretty depressing stuff. However, there is one HUGE bonus. It caused Marcia to actually set our condo move-in date – Friday February 13th.

See, Jeanne and David will be visiting March 1st. I’ll be dinking around with the county legal system the back half of the month (Feb. 17 and on). Appreciate where this is leading? We have to move into the condo the front half of February or it’ll be chaos.

Brilliant thinking – and I happened to be around to witness. Yesterday the new carpeting was installed in the condo. A team of three experts arrived as promised and in no time had all the old sitting curb-side.


“Let the installation begin” was now the battle cry. Then reality set in. They did not want to lay our Berber style carpet sideways due to patterning and the fact that several seams would be incurred. Therefore a long (over thirty feet) single piece would be laid from back to front.

The realization that trying to move a single 600-pound roll of carpet through our building’s front door, and then turn it into our unit was an impossible task.

The senior (the brains of the operation) guy had the solution. Carry this monster towards the sun-room and through one of the windows. The roll came into our unit without a hitch. Was placed on skids, and moved into place. With such planning and thinking it was a certainty that the rest of the install would be managed to perfection – and it was.

DSCF1527     DSCF1528     DSCF1529     DSCF1530

No longer your father’s commode – Normally the unspoken-about fixture ours was wildly discussed in our household as we planned our bathroom’s redo. We made a selection. Sipping mere ounces of water this unit goes through less water than a canary. “But what about power?”; you ask. Power? Let me tell you about power. Push the lever and it’s as if an elephant’s front foot is driving the thing. It’ll handle ties, phones, a box of Play-dough, toy cars (maybe even a Deux Chevaux), pounds of carrots, or a bucket of golf ball. And that’s just for starters.


Scan the code and open with You Tube (or “click” here). Then ease back and be amazed.

Our neighborhood Progressive Dinner – last Saturday evening was a huge success. Great foods, much wonderful conversation. And, this year, a brand new twist.

DSCF1513      DSCF1511

Marcia and one of our neighbors connived to get me home earlier than what would be my norm – normally, by her calculation, a very difficult task. Here was the plan (and yes, it did work). Marcia gave the pre-arranged signal at a time when she thought we were done. Much like an old Rube Goldberg mouse trap, Mary Ann sprang into action by asking me to walk her home (she did flutter her eye-lashes). Marcia then promptly said that she too would go home. We all left and I continued past our house to make certain that Mary Ann would be safe.

Returning, Marcia was still outside claiming she had trouble with the door key (I assumed it was to have a cigarette). In reality, it was to block any plan I might have had to return back to the party. Next year they’ve got to get better since I have a whole year to plan my move.

Fini – Last night it was spaghetti dinner at the school. A fund-raiser for Marin’s class trip to Washington DC later this Spring. The entertainment was a talent show put on by students. In short order it’ll be indoor soccer or watching Vai do some cheerleading. I’ll flip a coin. Then work at the condo – and so it goes.

Stay safe and be well, make it a great week.



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