Happy Saturday – we’re settled in and poured ourselves some wine as a welcome to the new digs. Very much unlike the during Prohibition introduced “Vine-Glo” a brick of compressed grapes packaged with yeast pills which contained a stern caution:

“Warning: Do not place this brick in a one-gallon crock, add sugar and water, cover, and let stand for seven days, or else an illegal alcoholic beverage will result.” Donna Blake Birchell, New Mexico Wine – An Enchanting History

We’re in! The new digs look like we settled in months ago. Why, this morning I even had coffee and did not miss a beat finding the coffee pot, my mug, and one of those cute little spoons.

Busy, busy – This was one of those mornings. Marin had a soccer game with a 7:00am start time. So, up and at it, coffee made and a banana peeled and off I went – to hike back to Red Bud Ave in 10-degree weather (I did have to retrieve the F150 from the comfort of the garage).  ice-man.jpg

I had enough sense to fill Marcia’s dainty, leather-bound, Starbucks thermos. That and a well-played game saw me through. Then, prior to writing these Ramblings I got on Marcia’s computer to port her Gmail onto Outlook. The fact that we’re switching accounts had her ‘dainties’ all knotted up. Whew, glad that’s resolved. Consequently, here I am happily Rambling along.

At noon it’s off to watch Vai perform as a cheerleader for their basketball season finale. They’ve also been practicing a song (shhh, it’s a big secret) and thus it should be “one wild a crazy time” as Steve Martin would exclaim.

Lockup – Seems like that when it comes to Reality TV, the ‘Nati takes first place on the bottom rung of the Reality TV ladder, having said that here is the scoop on this latest venture. Should you be one of this nation’s three remaining individuals still watching MSNBC, tonight is your night. At 10pm MSNBC is showing Lockup-Cincinnati. You’ll be ‘dragged’ through our city’s jail for a close up and personal look at the underbelly folk in our town. As an aside, it is located across the street from the Court House; the very same place I did not serve as a Jurist – that’s right, over a two week period of service I was not called up a single time.

I did say “bottom rung” didn’t I? So, here is the next great example of what these broadcasting companies ‘fish’ for; “Neighbors with Benefits”. This time our town forms the backdrop to explore the exciting world of Swingers. Thoroughly bored in March? Tune in to A&E and sit tight.

Visits – Other than having the kids over, Monday will be our first entertainment test – albeit a short test. Jeanne and David will spend the night on their return to Michigan from a (somewhat) balmy Florida.

That occasion prompted Marlene & Donn to also hike to town for a night.

Truth be told, it’s not really us they are coming to see, we’re just the convenience factor. Their real goal is a spectacular dinner at The Wine Guys Kitchen & Bar. It should be a great evening! (I know since this will be the second-annual and last year it was better than fine).

Fini – Marcia is off doing cleanup and organization on Red Bud. This includes a shower – we’ve had our fingers crossed all week hoping against hope that this final piece of our Condo move-in would be finished. It was not.

My birthday celebration saw a lot of happy faces wishing a great day. With the “B” gang in Austin it was great to be able and enjoy Derek’s musical presentation. Thanks guy!

And, that also meant Derek’s birthday which he celebrated the day prior to mine. Last Sunday the whole family went off to see the Blue Man group. From what I hear Derek’s cheeks and belly hurt from laughter.

Safe travels to Alaska Vince – maybe you’ll get to travel a bit of the Iditarod sled race as a precursor to May’s Ironman.

Stay safe and be well, make it a great week.



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