Happy Saturday – well we did it!

“Once you’d resolved to go, there was nothing to it at all.” Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

We’re in! The new digs look like we settled in months ago. Why, this morning I even had coffee and did not miss a beat finding the coffee pot, my mug, and one of those cute little spoons.

Moving – Brother Pieter and Jeanne moved a couple of years ago and gave me a tip for managing the process simply and easily. I never forgot.

Two weeks ago I ordered a U-Haul truck. Then I talked to a moving company and hired one of their crews. Last Monday I picked the truck up. Half an hour after arriving home the movers showed up. They did the perfunctory walk-through and organized the order in which stuff would come out of our house.

Two and a half hours later we were in the condo. The truck was returned and lunch eaten. Then some of the assembly started.

Five PM the kids showed up. The little ones began playing with their toys while Jason and I ran out to pick up a couple of bags of Skyline chili – Cincinnati’s best.

It could not have gone any better!




In the midst of our fun times we began hearing the shriek of an alarm. Soon after which two large fire trucks rolled up. Oxygen tanks on backs and breaker bars in hand six firemen came up the walk.

The kids were THRILLED

Our upstairs neighbor (the one who had forgotten about her cooking eggs) was embarrassed


Hiccups – What I hadn’t counted on was that the night prior to the move we had our first snow storm of the winter. Three to five inches doesn’t sound like much to many of you. However, place that in the hilly geography of our town and it does become an issue.

DSCF1558  It did not deter our movers.

Add to that the fact that the temperature hovered around 7 degrees, now there is a new dimension. That was something I hadn’t counted since when I ordered my rig the temps had hovered near fifty.

It did not deter our movers.

On a sadder note is this. The U-Haul guy opened the truck so that I could inspect for cleanliness and to make certain that the bundles of blankets I had on order were in place.

The door flew open and the guy started grumbling. Homeless folk had used the truck and all the blankets to stay warm and spend the night. All was removed; the truck swept out once more and sealed packs of blankets reloaded. In our society there should be a better way for people to get mental health services and a secure roof over their heads.

As I remember from my early career days, we did have such a system, one that was totally eradicated due to the newly discovered push for individual rights. As a result we have this.

Jury Duty – has been a TOTAL waste of time, as it was for the hundred some odd others who also spent part of their day in our Jury holding tank at the downtown Court House. During the whole week I don’t believe one of us was actually called up.

What I mean to say is that none of us did anything other than screw up almost a whole day each time we went in. Next week it starts all over again. As the man in charge of the operation said; “it’s an honor to serve as a Jurist.” Yes, I felt so honored.

Weather weenies – have taken over the airwaves. News casts (which this past week meant Weather updates) have preempted show after show. DSCF1573 Listen enough and you realize that Armageddon is here.

Anyway, the schools did take heed and closed their doors for the whole week. So, Marcia and I  stepped out into the world of child care. Meanwhile (and of this I am certain) the teacher unions orchestrated this week-off so that there could be a Caribbean Teachers Party Cruise. Don’t believe me? Just check your kid’s teacher’s face for signs of being freshly tanned when classes kick in on Monday.

Fini – This morning I’ve already replaced the batteries in the Thermostat and replaced the furnace air filter. In between this post and coffee, we started our first load of laundry since I installed the machines – washer and dryer work great; meaning they are nicely balanced and more importantly, NO water leaks (essential as there is a condo unit below us). And so it goes.

Stay safe and be well, make it a great week.



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  1. Pieter Says:

    Congrats – well done – many years of happiness in your new digs

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