Have a happy Sunday, especially after a week of international “breakthroughs”; those with Iran and Cuba. In light of that, there is a saying in Germany; “Trust is good, but control is better.”

“Vertrauen ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser” — not too certain, but believe it to come from Vladimir Lenin

Maybe Secretary Kerry would appear to be sleeping better had he only paid a little mind to comrade Lenin.

Nevertheless, I read that the negotiating team lived on coffee and Red Bull during the final days of the negotiations. This morning I am drinking some great coffee in homage to those teams. (insert ‘smiley’ face here)

The Floor-Guys have been busy – and have been all week (including yesterday). What a difference. I do believe that we’ve created a brand new “WOW” factor at the old homestead. Later this morning we’ll head on over for our very first walk-through on the new product.

In short order, gone was the old dingy and dark Walnut look and up popped a magnificent golden Oak. It’s opened up the place and certainly brightened up the rooms.

Once they started I discovered that our floors were laid in a “Picture-Frame” pattern. Thirty years of walking on these very same floors and I had never noticed.

DSCF1618   DSCF1621


When the kids were young – Marcia gave me a kit which took several weeks of diligent and ongoing work to complete. Page after page contained bits-‘n-pieces of what eventually became Disney’s Cinderella Castle. Each piece had to be cut out, folded, glued, and assembled.

Slowly the walls, porticos, towers, and gates emerged.

And it was gorgeous.

The kids loved it. Marcia thought it stunning. And, it took a position of honor on one of the chests. There it sat for a month or so.

After this short glow in the spotlight, it was relegated to a shelf in the attic. Fast forward thirty or so years and a, now yellowing, castle re-emerged.

This week the castle took its final journey. Sometimes moving is hard.


It’s Spring! – and soccer season has sprung. Yesterday I drove to Armleder park, about twenty minutes away to watch Dinah play her first game. Armleder has a complex of about ten soccer fields. I turned into the drive to be greeted by a blocked entrance way and “high-water” signs – The Little Miami River had spilled out of its banks. Straight ahead those fields had now become a lake dotted here and there by bits of the goals. I hadn’t taken note of the alternate field location – my bad.

OK, so I missed Dinah’s game (today is another one and I’ll make that one). So, it was off to Schmidt Field for Marin’s first game (this for his new school – Walnut Hills which he’ll start the new school yea)r. It was a great time.

Whereas in the past year Marin was like a Gazelle avoiding being prey, he had become a Cheetah on the hunt. He had earned his forward position.


Fini –Just had to insert a photo of the Deer invasion we are seeing. DSCF1640 This week alone I have seen seven (yes, seven) of these animals – all within a hundred feet or so from where I was standing. This photo was in our side yard by the neighbor’s place – there were two others in the group. Talk to them? They don’t run just lift their heads and look inquisitively before going back to eating.

Now its time to stay clear of Marcia. Later today she is hosting the ongoing ‘Diva-Dinner’ with her old friends. Prior to four o’clock its final pick-up, clean-up, and straighten-up time. Meantime I’m expected to shut-up and refrain from making any cryptic comments. See why I’ll be at the soccer games?

Then, beginning at four o’clock I can be anywhere but here. Marcia is making Lasagna for the Divas and made extra. Since I now had food, it was much easier to invite myself to Adrianne & Tevita’s place while the happy chatter is underway at our place.

Stay safe and be well, make it a great week.



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