Have a happy Saturday. ‘Keying’ my blog these days means that I am managing to tap three keys with each stroke. The splint on my middle finger is somewhat of a pain since it prevents me from being honest as I start my favorite way for opening a Dear Customer Service letter:

“Dear Customer Service: First of all, you should know that I’m typing this with my middle finger ~ author unknown

It’s now even difficult to pour and drink my morning coffee. Oh well, one month to go before I can see if the splinting thing worked and the tendon re-attaches.

A stately home – has been transformed, a stately neighborhood becomes a truck parking lot, all within a week. Hollywood transformed our ‘hood’ into a movie set. Here is the visual evidence:





Note that the house’s front lawn is now home to a pool and a live goat. The home has become a ‘Frat’ house. Tonight, at 2:00 am, they’ll be filming the big frat party. I am certain that the immediate neighbors will be over-the-top thrilled.

One more week – and we’ll begin to show off our stunning property – move in ready – and perfectly capable for someone else to mess up. Yup, it’s the home stretch. The painting should virtually complete – inside and out (OK, maybe a touch-up here and there). The plumber will begin Tuesday morning to complete his work. And, the electrician will be over tomorrow morning. I think I should feel special having an electrician work on a Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend no less – thank you Mr. Electrician.



Since I have a messed up finger I am no longer allowed to touch neither brush nor roller. Hence, I am relegated to scrubbing and polishing the house’s basement cavity.

Animal Planet – Earlier this week we had carpeting replaced at the old homestead. You just know that what was in there was maybe a wee bit ancient when the carpet layers informed me that the pad was made from horse hair. I couldn’t believe it – HORSE HAIR. No wonder that Cathy had to dive outside every ten minutes or so as her allergies kicked in. DSCF1770

The good news is that now the new carpet (perfectly man-made) is now beautifully ‘padded’ with a wonderfully pure mix of something called ‘foam’.

Fini – I had some oral work done this week. So now I am going back to using my tongue to play with the stitches in my mouth. I am so good that I can do that even while I clean the basement.

Our massive effort to get the house ready also means that, for the first time in years, we’re skipping the Taste of Cincinnati. The oldest food oriented festival in the country. With about 100,000 attending and 250 vendors plus several music stages it’s a blast. Oh well.

P & D, enjoy a quieting stay at the lake – today’s weather is supposed to be great.

Vince beat his body into successfully completing the 141 mile Texas Ironman last weekend – CONGRATULATIONS! He beat his time from last year even with more heat, humidity, and rough water for the 2.4 mile swim portion.

Stay safe and be well, make it a great week.



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