Have a happy Saturday and Happy Independence Day. Here it’s lovely – well mostly lovely that is. Let me just say that multiple families of Canadian Geese have discovered our front yard here at Northern Comfort and have made it their own. While traipsing through the ‘tulips’ I hit on a grand plan:

…..back when I was young, the birds blocked out the sun, before the great migration south, we only shot a few, they last the winter through. mother cooked them good and served them up….. ~ Neil Young; No Wonder from his 2006 Prairie Wind album

But first another sip of coffee from my worn White Castle mug, my favorite.

4th of July – will be a solo event here at Northern Comfort. So, you ask, what’s on the agenda? Two words; Grateful Dead!

This weekend XM Radio is broadcasting their Fare Thee Well, 50th and final concert at Soldier’s Field in Chicago (same place it all started). DSCF1875 Three nights of live concerts, each preceded with three hours of interviews.

This, the original jam band, has been able to create a unique event at every concert over their 50 years of performing by allowing their blend of country, jazz, blues, and rock to be explored. Their jam sessions rather than a re-gurgitation of the recorded version of earlier material is what made them.

Then the ‘topper’ will be trying to score a seat in front of a local TV (I don’t have one here at Northern Comfort) to watch the US-vs-Japan final of the women’s World Cup soccer tournament on Sunday evening.

The Painter – It seems like for many weeks (months?) that these Ramblings have reported on the saga of our preparing the old Homestead for market.

In all that time I don’t believe I’ve given Marcia her full due. And, since this week’s quote uses words from Neil Young, let me just push that theme forward a wee bit further. This is for you Marcia, words from Neil Young’s The Painter:

…..The painter stood before her work…….she picked the colors from the air, green to green, red to red, yellow to yellow in the light, black to black when the evening comes, blue to blue in the night….It’s a long road behind, it’s a long road ahead…….she took the line, she held her work up high, she did the work of two men ….

Whatever we did right on that place it was ‘cause of her; our Painter. Thanks Marcia

Animal Planet –I did it, splinted finger and all, kayaked the complete length of the lake (and back). That 5 or 6-mile tour was the first of the season. Actually I was all set to weed-whack the grass. However, since there were pounds and pounds of Goose dropping I did not consider it to be a wise move. Choice ‘B’, and my way to alleviate my frustration, proved to be the kayak.

DSCF1872     DSCF1873


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been entertained by Tree Swallows who took up residence in our lakeside birdhouse. Swooping, darting, and skimming, up to 40-times per hour is huge.

This week there was a change. One by one the little ‘chirpers’ would climb into the opening and sit. Sit for hours, one sat for over a day while building courage. Once out of their nest there would be no turning back, plus, mom and dad would cease their frenetic feeding duties. Yesterday, after my kayak venture, I noticed that all was quiet at their little house. Today; not a swallow in sight. I peeked into their abode – it looked like a hotel room left a disaster by the ‘rock’ stars that used it.


Earlier this week Marlene and I while on our morning walk caught sight of a small Black Bear about 300 feet up the road. It was about to cross the road, spotted us and the car coming up behind us. A quick turnaround and it was gone. Our biggest concern being that if it was just a cub, where was momma bear?

Parting Insight – Does anyone know the exact date when a home inspection became the foundation for round two in negotiations? There was a time when it was an escape clause should a major flaw pop-up.

Now any list of mickey-mouse items put together by a non-licensed ‘specialist’ who’s not a carpenter, builder, electrician, HVAC specialist, roofer, mason, painter, plumber, transit driver, nor interior designer seems to generate a round two. I’d like to know. I need a gremlin-like strategy; or at least a secret incantation.

Fini – Kellen turned 9; at least so said mom Kirstin’s car on every side. He was thrilled as were his buddies. Hope your day was a great one Kellen.
Tevita, probably as this post is being uploaded, is well underway spit-roasting his pig – now an annual 4th of July event. I am told about 50 folk will join, each bringing something to the party. This includes one guy who believes he makes the world’s best barbeque sauce and is bringing a gallon of the stuff just to prove it.

Stay safe and be well, make it a great week.



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    Nice….but a little re-write with the two men bit. The “Sleuth”

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