Have a great Sunday – at this end the “great cleanup” is underway. After a hectic – crazy – week in Ohio, this past Tuesday Marcia and I hightailed it up to Northern Comfort and the lake. Marcia to kick back and relax (that didn’t work). Me, to escape the heat (that didn’t work either):

“Sorry I’m late, I thought that the left turn signal was out so I had to make all right turns to get to the Trading Post.” ~ yours truly

“Great Cleanup?” – I was so correct. Marcia, finally settling in at her favorite cabin in the north-woods declared it a “mess”. Apparently my bachelor incentivized house-keeping efforts fell short.

Doing important things such as replacing tires on the ATV I spotted Marcia wiping things up high. But that was not all, she was also cleaning floors, table tops, counter surfaces, drawers; there was no stopping that woman.

Ranger Bob stopped by and his jaw dropped when he spotted the transformation that had begun at Northern Comfort. It was all stuff us guys would have remained oblivious to. Not in a hundred years would it have occurred to me that it is critical to clean the inside of a drawer or even the little aluminum plate underneath the stove-top burners (yes, I know that these have a proper name, but I don’t recollect what that would be).

Then there is another crucial element ladies bring to the ‘party’. From perfectly obscure places she hauled out family pictures and positioned them in places where I had proudly hung my favorite machetes. Also, since it is summer, from a chest (which I had not seen open since last year) emerged warm comforters which were then draped over the back of chairs. “Cozy” was the word.

It is all good.

Packing it away – There really are many more difficulties transitioning from ‘bachelor’ to ‘couple’ status. Just to keep this epistle under control, let me just enumerate one of the ‘numerous’.

I had to make a short run to the Trading Post. When I returned in a little over an hour-and-a-half I detected a distinct chill in the air. See, two weeks ago there would not have been any issue whatsoever. Now (as I quickly discovered) it had become a major disruption to the work ~ dinner flow.

Here is what transpired, driving to the Trading Post I spotted a mailbox and it reminded me that I should make reservation for an event when the kids are up in two weeks. So I turned into the drive, a little chatter ensued. The chatter led to my querying how the foundation work at their neighbor’s cabin had stood up over their first winter since they had the work done. See where this is going? Important guy stuff, stuff where time plays no part; no part until you head home and then it is a major piece of the puzzle. One might say it is of ‘uber’ import.

Anyway, I believe I have learned the lesson embedded in all of this.

This morning I replaced The Duck’s light switch, next to the cabin and in sight of Marcia. As lunchtime came about I was right there and able to join in delightful chit-chatter. All is happy.

Animal Planet – A few hours ago, with much chatter an amazingly large Great Blue Heron flew right over my head – tree-top height. That in and of itself made the journey north worthwhile. On the way to town passed these fields. This is what 22 acres of Canola looks like. Apparently the climate in these parts is perfect for this crop.



Fini – Make it a great week and stay safe. Sorry for the delay with this post — internet was down.

And yesterday we just had to head out for a nearby auction. A big bust! Even tossing in three local women and the couch wouldn’t sell.




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