Here from the North Woods, wishing you a great Saturday; I have already poured my first mug of coffee. These pasts days hacks, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook all have created, buoyed, and destroyed, even given platform to a sick killer:

“……… the Internet is a huge bargain.”
“In actuality, the Internet—the “new medium” where everything is free—can be a catastrophe. ………… it can invade our privacy, get us fired, destroy our reputations and careers, and, in some cases, cause us to commit suicide.”
~ Denny Hatch

This week’s quote is from über direct marketing guru Denny Hatch – from way back in April 2011; he was deadly accurate.

This past week a killer live uploaded his gruesome killing spree.

Clandestine videos of truly grisly activity inside of Planned Parenthood could not be contained once these were unleashed onto the web. These have caused an immense outcry of protest.

This week the first suicides as a result of the leaked Ashley Madison cheater website were reported by news outlets.

In politics Trump and Sanders are riding a massive wave of Social Media generated interest and accolades.

On the other hand the drip-drip of details placed on the internet has pushed Hillary’s campaign into panic mode. Her reaction, idiotic attempts to deflect using failed humor, which then spread like wildfire on Social Media pushed the negativity to a feverish pace.

Politicians can make or destroy themselves by what they do, say, and post on the web. Don’t you be fooled, a wrong word here or there, a statement posted without thought, and so can you.

This is my “chew-on-that” moment even as I enjoy my early morning java.

Das Rollende Hotel – and a Wal-Mart filled with stinky Germans. That was our adventure when, on Monday, Marcia and I dove back into the USA to do some shopping. Shopping plus a plan to go to our favorite Chinese buffet place, at NAPA Auto Parts, and quickly stop by the Post Office. That is when we spotted das rollende hotel parked a row away in Wal-Mart’s lot.

0824151440        0824151441

In Germany an outfit named Rotel Tours has capitalized on a wave of “capsule” hotels, by placing theirs on wheels. In business since 1945 they offer tours into the most remote places imaginable—even going so far as having their guests help push their ‘hotel’ out of desert sands after getting stuck. During the day your ‘sitting’ room is a tour-bus seat, at night it’s 6x6x3ft sleeping quarters.

Back to the “stinky” Germans; I forgot to mention that das Rollende Hotel guests do have access to a shower – once every few days or so.

The bus we spotted was on a 2-week Toronto to Chicago tour.

Powell Crosley in our dump? – Have you ever heard of the Crosley automobile? How about the Crosley radio, or the Crosley 250,000 watt mega radio voice – WLW, maybe the Shelvinator?

Dirk, did you say ‘shelvinator’.

Powell Crosley was a Cincinnati visionary who started projects, went broke, and eventually became a mega-millionaire; a not too unusual an American story.

He owned homes scattered throughout the country and the world, and kept a stable of aircraft. The ‘shelvinator’ in no small way aided Crosley into amassing a large fortune. So what was the ‘shelvinator’?

America had moved beyond having an ice-box in the kitchen. The modern day refrigerator had become a common entity. It was Crosley who introduced the next generation of the refrigerator. A small design change; hollow out the door, add a few shelves, and voila – almost 25% more useable interior space. Some excellent marketing and it was an instant hit. It made Powell millions.

Now, here in our dump-in-the-woods our Jason spotted this once stunning and shining example of American innovation – and it still looks up to date. Even better, apparently it still works!

DSCF2057     DSCF2058

DSCF2059     DSCF2060

Animal Planet – Driving to meet Marlene for our early morning walk I noticed a 100 or so pound young bear on the road. He spotted me and took off – down the road which happened to have metal barricades on both sides.

I had to chuckle watching this bear try to dive under one of the rails – nearly getting his hind end stuck. On his stomach, all paws paddling furiously, he did finally make it through and scurried into the bush. Made my morning.

A mainstay of rural life is the Farm Auction. Socially it’s a must do event. An opportunity to see neighbors, see what they’re bidding on, and at the same time be a voyeur and see what secret private stuff had been stored inside the house, barn, and sheds.

At this auction I hung in there for nearly three hours all for a chance to bid on a Swedish Axe. It was Marcia who discovered that the items on the table the axe was on were the first sold – minutes before our arrival. (#2053)


Want farm fresh eggs? I picked up ours here and while farmer Janna was gathering them looked over my shoulder to glimpse this amazing view. How good does it get I ask.

Eggs direct from the farm

BTW – click on the photo to blow it up, look real carefully near its center and you’ll see our little Deux Chevaux sitting halfway down the lane. I had to stop there because Janna had parked her pickup and blocked the path. The reason? She was letting the cows out of the barn and off to the pasture. Were her truck not parked where it was they would happily walk all the way to the main road. With the truck blocking the way they would turn into the pasture. Did I mention that cows are herd animals?

DSCF2061  Our rural mail box. Other than getting blasted by ice storms and road salt during the long winters it doesn’t get a whole lot of use. Maybe it was the wasp nest which caused the     mail delivery person to speed on by.

Fini – Not a formal announcement mind you, but it would appear that we’re purchasing a, never used, older model Compost Toilet as a back-up device to our current system. More should we end up plunking it here at Northern Comfort.

Happy birthday wishes to Vai who is turning 7 today. Also, a Happy Birthday to nephew Pete who had his day earlier this week.

Now its time to plan to head onto town for – you guessed it – an auction. This one at the hockey arena. A two ringer no less.

Make it a great week and stay safe.



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