Have a great Sunday – Saturday was a banner day at Northern Comfort:

” Anybody can win — unless there happens to be a second entry..” ~ Ade’s Law

Marcia won the “Opening Day” drawing at the new Knitting and Yarn shop in Thessalon. That same day my entry of our little Deux Chevaux in the Community Days annual Parade won first place in the Classic Truck ~ Tractor ~ and Car entrees. The theme this year was “Step Back in Time”; I put the car’s top down, wore my Panama Hat, and carried a cigar – my entry? Former President Bill Clinton.

More than just work – I have begun to realize that the Ramblings have taken on a certain theme – work. I am beginning to think that people are wondering whether or not all this retiree does is work, work, and work.

Well, that is not the case. There are (possibly infrequent) moments of relaxation where the beauty of life can be relished.

This week I spent some time in the little woods, Narnia, next to the cabin.


That same day Marcia and I watched a baby Loon paddle past calling its mom who yodeled back her responses from somewhere in the cove. That event by itself makes any twelve hour trip north worthwhile.

Then there are the meals. Why, just this week we had a joint dinner at Paul and Dia’s. The photo is what Marcia prepared for that meal – all locally sourced. The Cauliflower was a yellow one. The Peas she chucked. The eggs are farm fresh free range. Not to forget those Amish pickled beets — yum. Stunning isn’t it?

OK, a little bit of labor – I knew that we had troubles when Marcia equated life at Northern Comfort as a mere step away from camping. DSCF1957

Last December the front of the cabin was ‘cribbed’ to prevent Frost-Heave damage. Apparently, the lifting of the front of the place made the rear of the cabin act like a hinge. Guess where all the systems are located? Correct, at the rear. It changed the level of the place and sewage requires a downward slope.

Finally all became clear as I tried to figure out why we had one chronic sewer back-up after another. Some discussions and planning, plus a trip to town for 3” pipe and elbows later and finally all was ready for me to pretend I was Ed Norton (of classic-TV’s “The Honeymooners” fame). My big rubber gloves were donned and the work begun. Two or three hours later new pipes were ‘free-flowing’ and the winds had blown clean fresh air over the work site.

So far so good; at least Marcia was no longer gagging.

I took a shower.

“Delivery” work – Over several Ramblings I have expressed my displeasure with the high delivery charges by our local electric company; Hydro 1.

Yesterday while driving into town for the festivities I passed this rig. This type of massive and tracked equipment is what they require to keep the electricity flowing in these parts.

Soooo, let me still complain about the high delivery costs (that is part of my curmudgeonly nature), but now I do understand how those fees have a at least a smidgeon of necessity.


Animal Planet – This week I thought showing just how quickly a few miles can change what we see and understand as common.

Of concern in these parts something called a Pine Beetle. The major worry is what these bugs will do to the Boreal Pine forests of this region over the next few years (destroy it). Everyone on the parade route understands the implication of this float.


On a lighter note, place this ‘curling’ float in a ‘Nati based parade and you’d hear a collective; “huh?” Here they were cheered for their winning ways.


Fini – This is the week we make ready for our invasion – Cathy, Jason, Tevita, Adrianne, and four wide-eyed youngsters.Waiting will make it a long week.

But first, on Thursday it’s “Mexican Night” across the cove from us. Marcia will insist that I not drag any of their water lines back behind our boat’s motor (last year I took out 25’ of line which I then promptly dragged to our dock, and thus became the butt of a joke or two).

On the downside, I can’t make Pieter’s blow-out birthday party. I hope it’s a super event and here’s a massive hug!

Make it a great week and stay safe.



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