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Happy Saturday morning. I fail to understand what exactly gives The WHO the ability to deliver us a huge cancer scare for merely eating a few strips of bacon. Oh, I know that they’ve recorded some medically slanted songs – Doctor, Doctor (1967), Miracle Cure (1996), and There’s a Doctor (1996), or even Heinz Baked Beans (1967). But, really, does that qualify this band of musicians to severely knock a universal ‘happy’ food such as Bacon? Give me a break.

Bacon Causes Cancer? Sort of. Not Really. Ish. ~ Wired

All joking aside, what is it with the stream of flaming health statements which are then quickly retracted or even changed 180 degrees? The other day at the grandkids’ school I noted that the lunch menu offered either chocolate or skim milk. Two weeks ago I read where the ‘experts’ are now promoting regular milk as the better alternative.

A while back eggs were majorly bad – now not so. Red wine from great to good and back to great. Then coffee, all sorts of nastiness to our innards, currently 3 to 4 cups per day is not only good for you, but optimally so. Glad I have one cup finished and am ready to fill the mug for number two.

Rehabilitation and Corrections – It’s a bit of a saying that the wheels of justice move slow. For someone named McQueen they must have moved very slowly. This week the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction wrote us informing that said person was being released.

Four years ago, while in Canada, our home was burglarized. Trying to get in, a shard of glass in the window they busted out carved open the culprit’s forearm. A DNA sample retrieved from the resultant blood samples connected the dear lad to the dastardly deed.

Any number of court appearances later (thank you Mr. defense Attorney) and McQueen was sentenced to 4-years. Oh how time flies, and for some, maybe not as fast. In any case I hope it’s a case of “lesson learned”.

A little bit higher now – and our cabin, Northern Comfort, has finally been lifted up and up into a more stratified air. Monday the team arrived, and once started wasted absolutely no time – even with a rain delay.


The place is now solidly perched on an array of cribs. The old crooked concrete Sono-tubes have been pulled out from under the place and the swayback steel I-beams removed. Yesterday’s stream of photo updates (thank you Noreen & Bob) showed that the forms for the foundation wall have been placed. I believe that, in part, the sudden speed is due to the fact that shortly the Thessalon cement mixer will shut down for the winter season.

It’s great to be home. However, part of me really wants to be there to observe supervise.

IMG_0095        IMG_0113

5-K for Officer Sonny Kim – Last June Officer Kim responded to a 911 call. He was shot and killed as he arrived at the address. For years he’d been a fixture with afterschool youth activities and was a veteran in the Hyde Park district. The outpouring was such that the 16-mile procession to the cemetery was lined with people extending their last respects. So, last evening Vili and Vai, along with mom Adrianne, dad Tevita, and this old Blogger took part in the 5-K fund raiser for his family.

For the little ones it was a huge party and they loved it. Citizens on Patrol manned the hydration, fruit, and candy stations. A police band pumped out The Monster Mash. And me? I loved it all.

DSCF2292        DSCF2294

DSCF2291        DSCF2289

Fini – Tonight it will be trick-or-treat time. The photo has me testing my garb for the event – a Zookeeper. I am a firm believer that one is never too old to tap into these things (can you find the snake in the photo?).


For brother-in-law David; please note that I had my physical this week. To brothers Pieter and George; thanks for the continual texts while the Doctor was standing in front of me while wearing his latex glove.

To the Briones gang in Austin, stay safe with all the crazy weather happenings around and about you.

Happy Halloween, have fun — make it a great week. And to all, stay safe.



One Response to “Halloween (with little) Frights”
  1. David Papoi Says:

    Dirk, I have been reading of your delays in raising Northern Comfort and am happy she finally ascended. Welcome back to the Queen City! I’m headed to OK this coming Friday to witness a Civil War reenactment, the Battle of Honey Springs. Just a quick trip with Delta FF miles. pat’s staying here and going to a shindig for the Forest Hills Foundation where she’s on the board.

    Have a great week!