A good Saturday morning to you; once again from our condo perched on the corner of Chaos and Mayhem. Yes, we’re baaaack!

Earlier this week, a little before 6:00 AM, our bedroom was glowing with a wondrous array of reds and ambers. Opening the “blackout” shades this is what greeted – Fire-engine, ambulance, and four Police cruisers.


Yes, we were really home!

Boxing Day – Dirk, you ask, what exactly is Boxing Day? Actually it’s a wee bit confusing. Boxing Day, celebrated in the UK, Canada, and New Zealand, seems to have origins rooted in gift-giving – unlike gift returning as in our culture. Here’s the confusing part:

“St Stephen’s Day is always celebrated on 26th of December, however, Boxing Day, as in the public holiday, is celebrated on Monday 27th December whenever the 26th falls on a Sunday. The public holiday situation is even more complicated when Christmas Day falls on a Saturday, in these years Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th are public holidays to make up for the festivities falling at the weekend. ” ~ Anonymous (but probably not a boxer)

The gang’s all here today – (except for the Brioneses) Yup, we’re celebrating Christmas a little later today. Marcia has her knitting needles red-hot as she is finishing the last of knitted gifts for the younger set. I offered to knit anything requiring a single color yarn. Marcia poopooed that.

Most of the food-stuffs are prepped and made except for the Ambrosia salad. I offered to complete the assemblage of same (toss in the Walnuts and Greek yogurt). Marcia poopooed that.

A couple of gifts are still in need of wrapping paper. I offered to finish that task. Marcia has a routine where all corners and edges of the wrapping paper are sharp and crisp and the bows are amazing, and so, at my offer, Marcia poopooed that.

Now, my ‘never say die’ self emerged and I offered to take out the garbage. Marcia accepted.

Let the celebrations begin.

Auctions – It’s a long story. But, through happy chitchat with a contractor doing some work in the building we discovered a new on-line auction house – the Velvet Cricket. They advertise themselves as; “small but mighty.”

It was through the Velvet Cricket that Marcia snagged (actually she ‘stole’) a beautifully framed Giclée of a work by Clifford Bailey entitled Bet Your Lucky Stars.

Finally, our ‘musical’ corner is complete.


Almost – Pieter posted on Facebook a cute photo of Jeanne seemingly straining to get at the wrapped gifts.

Jeanne & gifts

Marcia got involved in the comment section. Jeanne added to it. And, since I had become a focal point of the ‘back-and-forth’ I needed to add a response. Here is what transpired:

— Marcia Lee Pastoor: Life in the Big C. Dirk listening to WLW, UC football bowl game! Watching Shaun the Sheep video, (memories).

— Marcia, streaming fire/police 24/7, (just making sure we are, A_OK). Santa never makes it here ON TIME! Life is Good.

— Marcia Lee Pastoor: Dirk watching Shaun The Sheep; Marcia streaming Fire/Police…NOT A_OK! Fat lady taking a shower set off our building alarm! DAH!

— Jeanne Edwards Pastoor: Is he binge watching? I’m concerned…at least the fat lady is clean

— Opa Dirkjan: I protest that “binge” insinuation — 40 segments of “Shaun the Sheep” happens to be quite a reasonable number; plus. I had to pause midway to let the Firemen into the building, so there.

Fini –Yesterday, Christmas Day would have been my dad’s 105th birthday. We lost him way too early back in mid-1963. Brother Pieter suggested that each of the four brothers write a few of our personal remembrances we have of him to share. It’s a lovely thought. You’ll have mine shortly Pieter.

Happy New Year everyone!

Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.



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