A good Saturday morning to everyone and a Happy New Year – especially to Marcia who’s right in sync by finishing year 2015 (successfully, I might add) and about to embark on a new one.

Someone once wrote that; “Babies are such a nice way to start people.” I believe that “start” is the key word in that thought. So, I’ve stopped referring to Marcia as “baby”. See, before I got married I had an armload of theories on how to raise “babies”, now I have a wife and absolutely no theories.

Except for this one;

“Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young” ~ Theodore Roosevelt


The internet – During the holidays, in between parties and gatherings, I wiled away (fancy term for “wasted”) some time surfing the internet. Couple that with the fact that up in Canada by Northern Comfort the snow has begun to fall and the lake to freeze. Thinking about our Canadian friends who had to drive home after celebrating New Year. That is when I came across this jewel and just had to share.

driving snow

I do love the internet.

However, today’s digital world also brings with it those little; “huh, what’s this” moments. See, I didn’t just lollygag away my computer time. I also did serious stuff, some of which was to update my Office Outlook digital calendar with upcoming events and happenings.

During February we’re taking a drive trip to visit David and Jeanne in Florida and Vince and Kirstin and the kids in Austin. So, the various nights out, etc. had to be recorded. Outlook Calendar offers a dropdown box titled “labels” to assist in making better sense of the event with a color-coded bar. Hence, the most logical label for what I was entering was the one titled; “vacation.” Now I ask; as a retiree where every day is a vacation day how can I distinguish one vacation from another?

Fiesta Bowl – yesterday afternoon several of us gathered to watch The Ohio State University play Notre Dame in Arizona. The ‘Nati, being the town it is has a huge Notre Dame following – our gathering was well supplied by their fans.

On the other hand, Brian Kelly, the ND coach, was the University of Cincinnati Bearcats head coach prior to heading for Notre Dame – and made the change in a less-than-classy-manner, i.e. his players found out that he was leaving while watching a televised news conference showing Kelly wearing a tie sporting the Notre Dame colors.

I carry a grudge!

Yesterday Kelly was on the sidelines wearing a polo style shirt with “Irish” embroidered on it. To me the embroidery done in scrip lettering made “Irish” read like “Trish”. Naturally, I asked the gathered Notre Dame fans if they knew exactly when Kelly changed his name to “Trish”.

That little remark caused a complete change in all the ensuing chatter during the second half of the game.

Loved it!


A loss – Over the holidays our neighborhood experienced a significant loss – Andrea Cheng passed after a 5-month struggle with cancer. cheng Sometimes a loss of someone who was not really a close friend but beyond just a neighbor  – probably more of a chat buddy – has more of an impact then expected.

Andrea was an author of children’s books (both picture and young reader chapter). Her background; her grandmother survived the Nazis Auschwhitz-Buchberg camp, parents who escaped from Hungary to Switzerland. Who then were deported as refugees to Australia and finally settled in America. A medical doctor father who was not able to pursue his profession until our local Jewish hospital hired him, and Andrea who married Jim Cheng, himself the son of Chinese immigrants.

A more insightful and see-the-good-in-every-person individual you’d be hard pressed to find. She’ll be missed. And, if you have kids or grand-kids in the “tween” years, do them a favor by looking up the following books by Andrea in your public library, or buying a copy at your local bookseller – they won’t be dissapointed:

Books by Andrea Cheng – Google Search

Fini – Next on my list – reserve the long table at Django’s for tonight’s dinner celebrating Marcia venture into a New Year. Love you kiddo.

Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.



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