A good Saturday morning to everyone.

2015 was the year when I got beat-up unmercifully urging me to take a part in the great American obsession with medicine in general. OK, it’d been years since I had seen a doctor. And meds? I take none.

Finally I caved. Sooooo, since October I’ve had a physical (it was determined that I am alive – something I was vaguely aware of). Since then I have made an appointment for a specialist to observe my busted finger in action – that will happen next week. Then, yesterday, at the urging of Marcia and all, I visited my eye guy (whose name I cannot pronounce – but he’s very friendly).

It was determined that for me the eye business is going downhill and for him it’s going gangbusters. For the time being my mad downhill dash will only be monitored (except for another trip to Costco’s eyeglass department). I guess I have finally reached that moment when:

“you lower the car radio’s music when looking for a street address just so that you can see it better” ~ paraphrase from Pinterest

Studio – I have little to no idea how it happened. How children of mine obtained such an artistic streak; the ASG (artistic streak gene) that I passed along is well beyond recessive. I guess that Marcia’s ASG must therefore run in the über range.

Jason – son, dad, artist, and photographer – took the plunge. Part of the city’s Over the Rhine (OTR since we’re into acronyms) area has seen a phenomenal revival. Lofts, restaurants, beer houses and breweries, pubs, artsy shops, galleries, and – and here it comes – ART COLONIES!

With Cathy’s help Jason has rented studio space at the Pendleton Art Center (PAC). Now, after work and on weekends he’s got space to do “his thing”. And, it’s already become apparent that Dinah and Marin a just as excited to also make use of the space.

DSCF2494 DSCF2490      DSCF2497      DSCF2503      DSCF2495

Blew this one – Over the winter holiday I did a bit of one-on-one with the grandkids. Hence, one day I took seven year old Vaioleti into the city center for a day-long excursion. The day consisted of a city bus ride to town, the morning at the main library. Then lunch at a little place on fountain square while looking at the temporary skating rink. CAC Finally a visit to the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC). See, the CAC, on its top floor has a space titled the “Unmuseum” and kids love it since everything is hands on.

The place was designed by (now) world famous architect Zaha Hadid and ‘kick-started’ her career. It was also – 25 years ago – the center of a city-wide bit of a ruckus which became national in scope when it hosted an exhibition of photographs by a Robert Mapplethorpe.

In fact, recently an article contained this bit:

then CAC Director Dennis Barrie was acquitted on charges of obscenity, first amendment laws were shaken and galvanized, the HIV crisis and gay rights movement took on added visibility and revealing light was cast upon the polarizing politics of what is seen and by whom.

Anyway, Vai and I had a wonderful time at the “unmuseum”. Eventually, it was off to begin heading out and we did so via the angled staircases. All went fine till the second floor. Lots of photographs and lots of over-the-top artsy types perusing each. Vai took one look at the room and said lets go down. I said something like one minute, while I looked a little closer at one of the exhibits and had an “oh my….” moment and then the descriptor tag by the staircase which I had not seen earlier; “For Mature Audiences — After The Moment , Reflections on Robert Mapplethorpe”.
Here I was, introducing a seven year old to her first Mapplethorpe exhibit, while explicitly trusting parents allowed her in my care. Nice going Opa.

Parade – While Tevita is in Tonga, Adrianne has the role of single parent. Thursday she had to take Vai to girl scouts. I volunteered to watch four year old Viliami.

At age four he prefers to be with his mom and sister and I expected some resistance. The solution? Take Rugby the dog for a walk. Not just a walk, but a parade. See, Vili loves parades.

I was going to lead the animals (Rugby), while Vili was the band. He jumped at the chance. And so we went out into the already dark evening: Rugby on his retractable leash, Vili ‘marching’ and ‘playing’ his Ukulele. Two nearby neighbors who happened to be outside stopped to give us a smile. We had a wonderful time.


Fini – Now a little more coffee while I savor successfully transferring some money into Canada – the current exchange rate of $1.41 is as good as I’ve seen – ever!

Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.



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