A good Sunday morning to everyone.

‘Twas the week that was; one full of gab, hugs, sharing, and enjoying little ones – all seen through the bottom of empty red wine glasses.

The “sharing and enjoying little ones” takes on a life and pleasures all of its own. Why, even this morning Marcia marveled by just how far under a couch Potato Chips can settle. I love this little quote from Copola – after I knocked out the two-letter word “my”, oh how kids can do just that:

“I bring to my life a certain amount of mess.” ~ Francis Ford Coppola

Kids do that so well, so innocently, and so smilingly, that we as adults just label it as; ADORABLE.

The Visitation – After planning, preparations, and anticipation brother George, niece Heather, and her kids Adriana and Emmeline arrived md-week.

George and I, as adults are wont to do, picked up from where we had left off a couple of years ago – without interruption; as if just a mere inhaled breath had separated the time span.

With Heather it was more of a ‘catching up’, but only ever so slightly.

When Dinah (8), Vai (7), and Vili (4) were introduced to Adriana (8) and Emmeline (5) play was begun immediately. In fact, and I would swear to this, it was as if they’d been friends and pals forever and not cousins separated by 1,200 miles.

In the cold of February we even made a visit to my parent’s grave side at Spring Grove Cemetery.

Finally, Friday at dinnertime Sandy’s plane landed and rather than head out again box after box of Dewey’s premiere Pizza came through the front door. Again, wine corks were pulled and beers opened. It was such a lovely time.

The best measure of how the evening progressed was through Vili who managed to jump up and down like a Jumping-Jack while grinning from ear-to-ear.

DSCF2548      DSCF2555


cuzs      cuzs4

Chaos and Mayhem– does continue on our corner. A day or so before our guests arrived it was more fire, medic and police activity across from us – this time it was a drug overdose. They kept a well-dressed guy alive with oxygen and CPR. Then, after what I suspect was a shot of naloxone, the guy was back on his feet. Probably since he was a passenger and not the driver he and another guy drove off. Police cruisers cut their flashing lights and departed. Then, as soon as the EMT kits were stashed the fire and medic units were off to the next call. Life in the big city continues.


The ‘cracked window’ principle at play – occurred  down the street. Apparently a family had been evicted a ways down the street. The front yard was filled with junked furniture, several mattresses, and a ton of household items. And there it lay – days turned into weeks.

I’d had enough and notified the city. In turn I received a complaint ID number. This number was passed on to our Police community officer and directly called in to the enforcement folk for such matters.

Two mornings later, a Sherriff’s van and trailer with a prisoner detail were on site. They worked for three hours and stacked everything curbside. A large city truck then showed up and the claw on the back of it loaded all.

The property owner now faces a fine, and a lien on his property to recover damages. In addition he faces legal issues for illegally renting his property without registering it.

Lesson: don’t mess with the grey-haired crowd!

Smooth Hound Smith – was a fabulous delight! Adrianne and Tevita gave Marcia and I tickets as our Christmas gift to last evening’s performance of this duo.

It was great. Everything about the evening was great!

Beginning with the newly re-opened Ludlow Garage. This venue was a premier concert spot in the late sixties (the Allman Brothers Band even named one of their albums; “Live at the Ludlow Garage”).

The newly redone venue is ‘L’ shaped and Marcia and I had seats in the corner of the ‘L’, front row, and maybe 10-feet from the performers. WOW!

And they were good. Smooth Hound as the primary musician was a one-man band; foot operated snare and bass drums, Harmonica, guitar, banjo, and tambourine. Oh, did I mention that he also did most of the singing?

Should you click on this YouTube be sure to listed to the final two and a half minutes:

Fini – So, that was the week that was and I just absolutely loved all the hub-bub.

Now, Marcia informs me we have to get ready for a Valentine’s Day dinner here at our condo with our friends and neighbors. The place is becoming a downright party central.

I suspect that after much discussion my contribution will be a trip to Costco.

Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.



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