A good Saturday morning to everyone.

I know this was written about last week, but now I have a photo and here is more detail. Post Maybe I live in a bubble. So be it. I view my immediate neighborhood as an extension of my living room, my dining area, my family space. In that light I also subscribe to the “Broken Window Theory”.

If you’re not sure what that theory is, answers can be readily found. Just be forewarned to discover just how quickly all that writing about this theory turns to gobblygook and blah, blah, and more blah.

So, here is a short synopsis:

“….. a different view. They saw serious crime as the final result of a lengthier chain of events, theorizing that crime emanated from disorder and that if disorder were eliminated, then serious crimes would not occur..” ~ Encyclopædia Britannica: Broken Windows Theory

In Marcia and my case it means: Don’t mess with the Q-tips (our favorite reference to seniors with white hair).

For at least a month we tolerated a disastrous front yard of a house where someone had been evicted. Since our neighbors here at the corner of ‘Chaos & Mayhem’ have a weekly cleanup of the ‘bits’ that get tossed or blown around; we have noticed that it makes a difference. Now this house, just five doors away, finally came into focus.

I filed a complaint. This was followed up by a call to other folk who in turn used that complaint to move towards a speedy result. Police, Buildings & Inspections, were called directly.

Result? Within three days the Sheriff had a van loaded with ‘willing’ ‘volunteering’ hands on site. These guys spent about three hours cleaning and stacking curbside. Then a city truck with a mechanical claw came in and loaded everything. The property owner now has a fine and a lien on his property for costs incurred.

As I said earlier; “Don’t mess with the Q-tips”.


The Radio – I really don’t have half as much interest in television as I do in radio. Radio

Unlike TV, with a radio playing in the background I can manage my focus on it – listen when I want or use it as background if so desired.

So, last year, in Canada, wandering a Pawnshop-like place I came across a nearly 40-year old radio in perfect condition. Not only has it the standard AM and FM bands, but also CB, TV (now empty since there is no longer an analog signal), and two SW bands. On the Short Wave side I’ve listened to places such as Cuba, Australia, and Moscow.

I know, I know, Dirk you say; “you can get an App for all that stuff”. Possibly true. But I still love that old radio (and for CA$10.00 it was a bargain I couldn’t refuse). On top of all of that it looks almost new and works like a charm – every day.

You can begin to understand my excitement when brother George and I wandered through the “Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame” during his visit and I spotted this Radio exhibit.


Be honest and tell me what is preferable; sitting in a somewhat darkened room watching a game, or listening to it on radio.

Just imagine lazily sitting in a shady spot in your yard, its summertime and next to some lemonade sits a radio on which is playing a baseball game called by an announcer such as ‘Red’ Barber, Waite Hoyt (interred in a plot located adjacent to my parent’s), Joe Nuxhall, Harry Caray, Ronald Reagan, or a Bob Sheppard.

Now you tell me which is better!

Winter’s last Hurrah – is in full swing. This morning the temperature is in single digits. In these parts it’s been a mild winter with a day here and there popping into the high fifties and low sixties; but, this whole week and into next week its snow and cold.

Hence, the mind is turning towards a change of seasons; SPRING!

So, Marcia and I are doing something about it. Wednesday we’re setting off on a road trip. We’re heading south.

Planned is a visit with Jeanne and David and our Austin gang. Additionally its a bit of a musical swing-through as we stop in NOLA (New Orleans should you not be into acronyms), Austin, and then Nashville on the return portion. Wednesday morning I’ll pick up ‘rental unit’ and then (hopefully less than an hour later) we’ll be on the road.

We’re really excited about the music bit, but TOTALLY excited about seeing family and especially grandkids Derek and Kellen. Can’t wait! 150826175939-16-walker-family-pope-trip-super-169

There was a time when we’d make such a trip in our (then new) VW kombi camper bus, but no more. Why, a trip such as the one we’re embarking might have meant one or two blown engines unless we’d stay below 45 mph and took the time to adjust the valves a couple of times. (Talking from experience – five engine rebuilds on our old one over an 11 year period)

Fini – Looking outside I am beginning to contemplate donning an additional sweater. But as you now know, change is on the way.

For those not heading south and who live in northern climes, don’t worry it’s only just about a month and it’ll be spring. Just think what it’s like at Northern Comfort where this week we had the snow raked from the roof to reduce the load on its newly made, and pristine, foundation.

Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.



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