A good Saturday morning to everyone.

So, mid-week Enterprise car rental was returned a car which had 3,000 more miles on it than it did the morning of February 17. That was the day when I first inspected it prior to leaving their lot.

On our travels six nights were spent with our Austin family. Actually, we spent it with them but stayed in a lovely little place named; Casit Alegre (click on link for photos). In part because it was quiet and lovely. Partly because our 10 chickens provided fresh eggs each morning. And, the owners provided us with Austin’s own Ruta Maya coffee beans (organic and shade grown) for our morning brew.

Now, safe and sound at home, I just brewed a pot with our favorite White Castle coffee – it’s lovely too.

“Another well-known Austin landmark is the Texas State Capital building, a moving monument to the many brave women and men who have died trying reach it’s heights by using the stairs.” ~ paraphrasing Dave Barry – (comedic author)


Previous Post – I dutifully took you through our most excellent visit with Dave and Jeanne in Destin, Florida. Then I gave you a taste of New Orleans. Now, this week it’ll be the rest of our tale; Austin, Texas and beyond.

Austin – is, except for the traffic, a little bit of heaven on earth.


IMG_7232        DSCF2665

But, most of all we were there to spend time with our family. Derek celebrated his birthday and his gift to us was to show off that he’s now taller than his Oma, his feet are the same size as mine, he sounds more like his dad, and I do believe I spotted a little fuzz over his upper lip.

DSCF2627        Derek, Opa, and Kellen

Just in case you forgot, last year Derek began playing the Tuba. This year I asked him to play us a little. I fully expected to hear some rhythmic “oompa, oompa” stuff. Instead, he asked me to name any tune I’d heard on the radio, and then he began to play – the deep bass notes of his Tuba sounding full blown tunes! That guy hears a piece one time and plays it. I was blown away, and it wasn’t just by the Tuba. By the way, his teacher says he’s the best Tuba player in the school band.

One more birthday – mine, came the day after Derek’s. AnMoody Theater d my gift? It was one of my major ‘bucket list’ items; an evening at Austin’s Moody Theater, home of Austin City Limits! Main floor seats to hear (mostly stand and cheer) Pat Benetar and her husband, guitarist Neil Giraldo, perform. Some new stuff, a lot, such as “Heartbreaker”, “We Belong”, and “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” became a sing-along. What and evening – thanks Vince and Kirstin!


Then Home Bound – An overnight stop in Little Rock and our (third) Irish Pub for dinner. For me a quick walk to take a look at the Clinton Presidential Library (closed since it was Sunday evening).
Reflecting on the former President’s proclivity for lusty and randy escapades I cracked up at the signage on the drive leading to the Library. I just had to create this meme:

Clinton Meme

Nashville, Grand Ole Opry, Bourbon Country – and home – for the first time since we left, we drove in wind and rain. Here are a few photos.

DSCF2736      DSCF2732      DSCF2749      DSCF2752      DSCF2768      DSCF2767      DSCF2780      DSCF2728      DSCF2729

Fini – Happy Birthday Dinah.

Next some of that mundane stuff such as grocery shopping.

Then it’s getting ready for next weekend when we’ll spend the weekend with our Canadian neighbours (spelled their way) and friends in Windsor. As Stuart Keate once said; “Canada is the vichyssoise of nations – it’s cold, half French and difficult to stir.”

Make it a great week everyone, stay safe.



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