A happy Saturday morning to everyone.

It’s been a bit of a struggle. Early in the week it Narnia was announced that the ‘Nati was added as a stop on Sir Paul McCartney’s One on One tour; the magic date, July 10th. See where this is going?

Actually, it wasn’t that difficult a choice, stay here for the concert and then head north, or make a quick 24-hour turn-around for one evening’s entertainment; finally, stay north and enjoy the lake and the forests. It’s been months since we closed Northern Comfort for the season; and I so miss the quietude of the lake—the lake wins!

“You make my Dopamine levels go all silly.” ~ author unknown

Field of Dreams – Twenty seven years ago it was Kevin Costner who starred in a movie titled; Field of Dreams. Set in Iowa it revolves around baseball.

Every spring, all across the nation, a discovery of one’s own Field of Dreams takes place. Last weekend the local soccer fields filled with straining bodies, cheers, and shouts of encouragement.

Vaioleti played her first game. Marin started a new season. Plus, Marin discovered that by having taken a course over the winter months he’s now a PAID referee. He loves the feeling of having pockets lined with ‘filthy lucre’.

We did notice that Vai kept urging and talking to a new, tiny, defensive player. In fact Vai, who was the other defender, was so busy with her teammate that she paid little mind as the other team’s offensive players stormed towards her goal.

During the quarter break mom Adrianne told her to pay less attention to her teammate and more to the game. “Mom”, said Vai; “the coach asked that made sure I watched over the new player”, she was playing a previously unrecognized and new position — on-field coach.

Kids are so literal in their interpretation; in her mind Vai was on the field as a ‘coach’ and not as a ‘player’. All that was fixed over the subsequent quarters – don’t you just love it.

She played superbly.

DSCF2833        DSCF2832     DSCF2831

A Birthday special – In a little while it’s off to Vili’s 5th birthday party. He got to pick the theme – Halloween.

The concept is great. However, the parents and Oma have gone nuts trying to scrape together anything which will lend to a Halloween theme. When an idea is ‘off’ by half a year try to collect and achieve ‘that’ special look.

Not quite Halloween, we decided to bring a MARVELous guest – Spiderman – and that he would still be appreciated. Sooo, for the past two evenings we’ve been honored to have a six-foot tall Spiderman in our little condo (we’re taking him with us to the party).

No problem him being here, however since he’s absolutely quiet I do find myself being startled now and then when turning around and he’s standing there staring at you.


Fini – Last weekend I purchased an ample supply of Kleenex, the kind with aloe and vitamin E – two four-packs. This was really our summer cabin supply. As of this morning, half has been used up. It’s been a cold like none other.

Earlier this week, Marcia, neighbor Jan, and I went out and bought a couple of small cedar trees for the two containers by the front walkway to the building.

After dinner last evening Marcia and I got one half of the ground turned and mulched and one of the trees planted. This morning my shoulders have a strange numbness to them.

Tomorrow it’ll be the second cedar’s turn. Question; is this the reason we gave up a yard and moved into a condominium?


To everyone, make it a great week and everyone, stay safe.



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